Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Made The Jump...

And started a Facebook Page!
It's only in the beginning stages, but I still need your support.

Wanna know the other reason you should head over?
#1 A video that will NEVER be seen on this blog- BIG deal, I know ;)
#2 I dedicated an album to Will's Basic Training photos and they are pretty funny.
I mean, I know all of you are DYING to know what Army Basic Training is like!

Once I get things a little more figured out and build up some wonderful followers (that would be YOU), I think I just might do a giveaway....It's been long enough.
I might do a product giveaway (hint hint crafty bloggers) or I have a few things that might be of interest that I have been saving. Either way- it'll be a party. Hehe.

I also want to get more into Bloglovin', so feel free to follow me Here, as well.
I'm going on twelve followers, so I am BIG time nowadays!

Um...so what am I forgetting?


Sometimes: I don't know if I want to tackle all of this Social Media.
Always: I find it easier to connect with other Bloggers on Twitter and Facebook, so I'm takin' a crack at it!

Sometimes: I get behind on reply emails (like lately, but totally gettin' caught up).
Always: Things like captchas, Google + profiles not linking to blogs, and redirecting comment forms make the process take FOREVER.

Sometimes: Those stupid Captchas piss me the EFF off.
Always: I wish that everyone would turn them off, so that the blog world would be a better place.
(If you are worried about spam- just turn off your anonymous comments)

Sometimes: I can't comment on blogs because you don't have a "Pop Up" comment form.
Always: That is another simple fix, to ensure your future comments.

Sometimes: I click on a blog and music blares at me.
Always: I practically pee my pants and drop my computer.

Sometimes: I get a bit of a 'tude when the hubs is gone.
Always: It's not my fault. Reference below....

Source: google.com via Janna on Pinterest

YOU try to be "happy" all the time, in these conditions...
I guarantee you will be as feisty as me before you know it!
Let's just hope that I get passed this stage before I beat up a costumer.
Womp, Womp, Woooomp.

Those of you that have Google+, there are some profiles that won't allow us to see the blog link.  I want to comment back on your lovely blogs, so let's fix this!


Nikskie said...

hey, i just 'like' your page on fb. the name will be under 'niken'. not nikskie, my nickname.

i hate that captchas too. it's irritating. i got the same problem about that 'pop up' comment form, but i don't know. since last week suddenly i can comment on other forms.

TIffany Gabriel said...

I liked your FB blogger page chicka :) !!!!!!!!

Nikskie said...

and oh, i haven't watched GCB. i'll look for it

Kecia said...

Ahaha! I haven't seen that eCard yet! So true!

Following your FB page! Care to follow mine back? I've yet to add the link to my blog page so it needs some love!




P!nky said...

ME NO LIKEY CAPTCHA!!!! Take FOREVER to comment. Sometimes I just ex out the box because I don't want to deal with it.

Thanks for 'serving' our country chica ;)!


Randi said...

ok, I'm totally stealing that picture from you!! hilarious!! Love your sometimes and always... I've never done this before, but I might try it today! you've inspired me! xoxo

Crystal Renee said...

I liked your facebook page.. and now I am going to find out what BlogLovin' is all about!!

SimplyHeather said...

I liked your FB page ((:

MzJessicaxo said...

Just came across your blog from the link-up today and I must say I LOVE IT!

xxx Jessica

lori said...

i love that about army wives. thank you both for your service!

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

I HATE it when people force me to listen to their favorite songs just to visit their blog. I usually won't follow them. It's super annoying.

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I have Google+, and my blog shows up on my profile. I dunno then? I hate captcha, no reply comments, music...so annoying, Don't worry girl, I'm like 2 weeks behind on replying to comments. It seems like I almost always am,

Crystal Renee said...

Hey - can you HELP with BlogLovin? Lol. I can't get it to claim mine :(

Pamela said...

Just 'liked' your FB page :) I have been thinking about creating my own little FB page too!

Little Tiffanista said...

Yay...for the FB page! I just started mine too! :0) Goodluck! love your blog!

Xo Tiffany


Nicole said...

I get annoyed with the captcha things too. especially the new format which is difficult to read!

She Speaks said...

I am so behind in blogland..and just read your sweet comments on my blog from awhile back...so THANK YOU! We are now officially follower friends! XOXO

Megan said...

I just liked your page! And I totally agree with the whole captcha thing! It drives me crazy!!!

Thanks for always linking up with meeeee!! You are awesome!

psychelyn said...

I've seen this Bloglovin' logo few times already but I still haven't checked it...I will now.

That picture about army wives is fun :)

Kathryn said...

I liked your facebook page. What a cute video!!!!

Love the Army Wife picture, so true!


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