Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Bloggity Blog...

You have been there so much for me, since December of 2010 (geez time flies!)
You have given me a voice, direction, helped with my organization skills, introduced me to Pinterest, lessened my need interest in Facebook AND influenced me to join Twitter,
 which I swore I would NEVER do.
Just like a proud mama, I must say, that I am happy that you have grown into such a great representation of our little family and that you are beautiful in every way to me.
Now that you are a bit older and wiser, I am REALLY going to need your support while Will (daddy to you..I guess...sounds kinda creepy) is deployed.  I need you to put your best foot forward so that mommy keeps her followers lovely friends around AND makes more.  Together, we will get through the next nine months, and we will hopefully be able to entertain our guests in the process.
If I get to over-the-top and sad in my posts, I totally give you permission to "accidentally" delete my posts.  I might get mad and curse, but I will thank you later.  We are a team, and we are only going to become stronger and BETTER!


Think I have lost my mind yet? 
Head over to Living In Yellow, and I PROMISE I won't seem as crazy ;)
Plus Erin is pretty awesome.  I can't believe that I JUST found her blog.
I'm even posting my Friday post early, because I am so excited to link up!


I need all the inspiration I can find to get through the next four days. 
Thank you Sarah-boo, for helping me find my inspiration.
Love ya, girl!

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Just the other day, I was asked, what I considered to be the best gift that I have ever given.
Some might say a snazzy night out, some fancy electronics, or handmade crafts.  All of these are great, but I know that the best thing that I EVER gave, was myself to my husband, when I said yes at our wedding.
I promise to love, to cherish and to honor him for the rest of our lives...I can't imagine having the capacity to come up with anything to rival this.

Now PLEASE, if you haven't already- go check out those lovely ladies!
Hooray for the freakin' weekend, but pray mine lasts longer than usual!

Ps. Michelle @ The Vintage Apple is doing a surprise giveaway! Gotta love'er!


Kathryn said...

Thinking of you as you get closer to D day. :) Keep your head up! I'm here if you need anything. :)

Mama and her boys said...

Love you honey and I am totally hear for you! We will keep you plenty occupied for the next nine months!

Amanda said...

Between your pup (and me!!!) and your other blogging friends, we'll all get through this with you! I promise, promise! :)

Beth @ the city said...

stopping by from Erin's linkup today. and I can totally relate to our blog being a representation of our lives :)

Meghan said...

Isn't it amazing how many doors blogging has opened??? I love it!

Susan said...

Again, I am new to your blog, but coming from a military area... support is everywhere, especially the blogging community! Hang in there dear!

The Little Flapper said...

Such a sweet sentiment <3 You are one strong lady. I can't even imagine being apart from my husband for so long. But I'm glad you were united with a love so strong :)


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