Tuesday, August 16, 2011

STURGIS 2011- Life Changing

I have a whole new respect for Sturgis and Bike Rallies now.  I'm sure that I cannot fully convey it with words, but essentially-  I learned more about freedom, freedom of expression and acceptance than I ever thought possible.  These people go to let loose, mingle with people of like-minds and celebrate a life style that I only now fully understand.  Before, when I thought of bikers, I thought of gangs, rough and tumble guys, violence and leather.  Now, I think of free spirits, artistic souls, open-minded-and yet-guarded citizens and of course...leather.  Everyone should attend a rally at some point, and if you really want the full experience-  work a job at the rally.  You will have a new respect for your own job and how much easier it is!

Here are a few pictures of my Biker Adventure:

We had to ride a shuttle 29 miles to and from work everyday
=New respect for people who take public transportation.

That's time and dedication!  Made me smile everyday!

Bikes, Bikes EVERYWHERE!

For my husband:

Lots of pretty co-workers!

Got to enjoy the Blackhills everyday....

These people got offered $250,000 for their tiny lot and shanty and they said no....That's dedication to Sturgis, right there!

I told you they were pretty:

We have the same eyes!:

An experience I can never, and will never, forget.

There were a few "tags" on the bus at the beginning, but by the end the ceiling was COVERED.

Oh and by the way,  I randomly met Jerry Springer to top it all off.
This trip was just pure randomness, so I'm not surprised lol

(Several items in this post have been blurred for privacy protection)

Now, unfortunately I have to go to my "real job".  I'm not sure I know how to act "normal" anymore...This could be interesting... ;)


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

looks like a blast! can't believe you met jerry springer!

Sam @ fitness food & faith

Janna Renee said...

I know right? It was so strange and yet so Sturgis appropriate!

whippedmoos said...

I know this post was over a year ago but it's nice to see someone who's been to my neck of the woods. Sturgis is about two hours from me and I go with my hubs every year! It's such an awesome time!! Glad you enjoyed it!


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