Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheatin' On My Apparel Diet...One Jumper Can't Hurt

So if you read this post, then you saw that I have bought a few articles of clothing...GASP!  But what about T.G.A.A.D (read about it here), you ask?  Well, I have found that a girl needs at least a bit of shopping in her shorts didn't fit this summer, so I needed at least a couple of pairs of those, I have found sweaters and jackets on sale- which you just DON'T pass up when you live in Colorado and if I find an insanely good deal on my favorite tanks or something that is just too good to pass up, then I can't!  But in my opinion- this "Apparel Diet"  isn't about those purchases.  I believe that it's to make an impact on the over-priced market, to teach ones self the difference between what you need and what you want and to just reduce your carbon footprint over all.  Lemme tell you, if I'm right- then I am still on the T.G.A.A.D. bandwagon!

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