Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kinect Was A Good Investment

So the other night, we were supposed to go "out" with our friends, but decided that we would rather not spend the money and act like fools in our own home #awayfromjudgement.

Obviously, the Kinect seemed like the perfect activity, and we were right!  We grabbed some snacks and refreshments, and it was GAME-ON! 

Of course, the more ridiculous the photos, the better...duh.  I'll try to add the videos, but they aren't playing nice!


Kandice said...

so you guys probably make the most gorgeous couple. just sayin'... puttin that out there.

i love the keep calm and eat veggies thing on the side of this. we don't eat meat over here so that hits pretty close to home :) haha

man, do i wish we owned kinect. looks fun!

Janna Renee said...

You are too SWEET!! I found the "eat veggies" thing the other day and LOVED it...I eat meat, but it is most certainly not the central part of my diet...I go for veggies and fruit over the meat any day! I really recommend the kinect, too. It's great for gaming, group games for when friends are over or just the hubs and I wanting to do something together and I wanna start using the workout games. I think it'll be fun and get me active, since I LOATHE working out lol


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