Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm Infected :(

I've been trying to write a blog post for over an hour, but I have some stupid viral advertisement flashing at me. I've managed to sleuth out the virus causing it, but for the LIFE OF ME I can't find whatever software it piggy backed on to my laptop. Thus far, Will uninstalled some nonsense software, I've done two system restores, and now I've gone through uninstalling even more software that I'm not entirely sure I should have deleted {whoops!}, which leaves praying I didn't do more harm than good. #firstworldprobs

Other than that, I'm stuffed from homemade Chicken'n Waffles {yeah, that totally happened tonight}, and happy to be sitting down. I have a loooot of catching up to do after working for three weeks, and that's even with my sweet hubby helping out. It was a short gig, but that's what made it perfect. Anymore than that, and I'd be hiring someone to come clean the house. You'd think I'd be too cheap for that, but I have higher standards now that I'm getting older. It was fine to have dust, dirty baseboards, and clutter when I was younger, but now it ain't cute.

Oh SNAP, it's past my bedtime. I'm turning comments off, because you shouldn't waste time commenting when I can't even get my laptop to create a good post. Plus that gives me more time to read your blogs! I've been missing my blog reading time somethin' fierce, so hopefully I can start catching up this weekend. T-G-I-M-EFFIN'-Friday!

Update: The last System Restore seems to have done the trick! Hallelujah. Now it's reeeeaaaaally past my bedtime. Nighty-night!

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