Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blogtober Roundup #1

I will never blog every day within a month, but I do enjoy the prompts and fellowship of blog challenges. Luckily, there is no rule against combining the prompts as I see fit.

Helene in Between Blogtober

+ Dream job when I was little:

Well, other than wanting to be a famous singer, I've been a 'writer' as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be the next Carolyn Keene.

+ One thing I can't live without:

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that my dear William is the only thing I can't live without. We have the kind of love that transcends all, and even when he is away for training or deployed he's still in my heart and a part of me. I also made him promise that I could die first, because I don't EVER want to live without him.

+ Favorite photo on Instagram:
I happen to think all of my IG pictures are the cat's meow, but here is one that just speaks to my soul. You mix the right angle, colors, and my love for the beach, and it's a winner!


+ Fall Bucket List:

Drive In Theater...check.
Homemade Applebutter...double check.
New Fall Family Pictures {Preferably in a cotton field somewhere}
Family Reunion
Ten Year High School Reunion
Epic Halloween Shindig
Football, and specifically Florida/Georgia trip to J-Ville
Dothan Peanut Festival

Mostly, I will be relishing in the fact that we won't be getting any snow. Coloradans are already cranking their heaters, while we throw open the doors and windows to welcome a 'cold front'. Technically we don't throw them, but you get the picture. Is it cold where you live?


Jenn said...

Your instagram photo is definitely the cat's meow :)
Love your bucket list, too!

P!nky said...

I love your take on the prompts! That instagram picture is so amazing, well done!

No snow....lucky. Although I do like one good snow storm a year... miss you!

Helene in Between said...

I love how you id this!!! so sweet of you to link up :)! I love that instagram!

Niken said...

i love how you take the prompt. and...that picture makes me want to lay on the beach now

Cece said...

We have the same dream job. Drive In's are so fun. It's cool that there are still some around. We are still pushing 80's/90's where I live. Not cold at all.

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

I love your blogtober mashup, you can do whatever you want!

Also, I'm glad I found your blog! So many fun fresh faces from this linkup! :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

Your IG pic is def one to be proud of...such a great shot! I am wanted to be a singer too...but could never hold a tune! Ha!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I was going to be the next Carolyn Keene too! And then I was going to be the next Judy Blume. And, well, now I blog.

Jen said...

I love your fall bucket list. :)

Blush and Barbells said...

I haven't seen cold weather since last Christmas when I went to visit the in-laws in Seattle. It's always hot hot hot here!
Happy Autumn!

Kenzie Smith said...

Great job combining the prompts! I love that IG picture. That beach looks gorgeous. It gets decently cold here. We got down to about 10 degrees last year.

Anonymous said...

That IG picture is gorgeous!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Such a beautiful beach picture! It is so cold here so I am jealous of your warm weather.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww, if you lived close by I'd take your photos in a cotton field! There's one not far from me that I'm planning to use for a fall session soon! :)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love that beach pic. I just followed you on IG! Can't believe I wasn't already!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Courtney B said...

I'm already dreading the snow! Uuuuuugh! Maybe I'll just move in with you this winter? Will wouldn't mind having a toddler running around, would he? ha!
Also, there is definitely no doubt in my mind that you couldn't live without Will. I say it all the time, but seriously, I love your love!!

Brittany said...

Love your idea to combine posts. I know my posts on some of those topics would not be that exciting and need their post so good idea!

Also how freaking sweet about your one thing you can't live without. You two are so cute.


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