Friday, October 17, 2014

High School Reunion Time!

Recently, I had a 2nd Lieutenant  {straight out'a college}spouting off his high school GPA and SAT scores, and I was all like GTFO. As nicely as I could I said, "Listen, everyone here is at least ten years out of high school, and if you bring that nonsense around here, they will one-up you with their statistics: how many times they've deployed, how many holidays they've missed out on, and even better- how many combat awards they've received." I haven't seen him since.

So yeah, high school doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Good ol' Buck says a high school diploma is like every kid getting a trophy at the end of the season, and he's kind'a right. However, now that it's time to go to my reunion, it's humble brag time. I'm sure we will reminisce about the good ol' days, but you know everyone wants to talk about what they've accomplished since. I'm sure I'll get a few snub noses now that I'm an SAHW, but I'm pretty bad@ss  at it, so I have no problem embracing it. Since ye old high school days, I have...

+ I graduated from Florida Atlantic University.

+ I'm a proud Deepher.
+I'm still super close with my family...closer even.
+ I snagged a super Hunky husband and have a really good marriage.

+ I love being a military spouse.
+ I'm a kick ass SAHW, but I work for the government on the side. For fun.
+ I was published in a Chicken Soup book.
+ I have maintained a blog for {almost} FOUR years.
+I'm such a good volunteer that I was VOM.
+ And in general, I just live life to the fullest.

Although, I feel like I'll feel super awkard talking about stuff like this so I'll probably just listen, enjoy my two free drinks, eat some yummy food, and hit up that photo booth. #BasicB@tches LOVE photo booths, am I right? Unfortunately, I won't be taking my biggest asset {my hunky soldier} to show off because the pup is sick. Thank goodness I blast him all over my blog and Facebook, or they wouldn't believe how wonderful he is. Heck, they probably still won't believe it, and I can hear it now, "They marriage can't be as perfect as it is online..."

But seriously, have you been to a reunion? Is it as bad as people say? I'll have fun either way {did I mention free drinks}, but I would like to know what I'm getting in to. I should have asked y'all what to wear, but it's too late now. Why I waited until the last minute for an outfit is beyond me. Wish me luck!


P!nky said...

You're going to rock your reunion!!!! I bet it's going to be more fun than you think, mine was for sure. And you look fabulous in anything, so don't sweat the outfit!!!

Love you, friend!

Illegally Blonde said...

I skipped mine after I was on the planning committee and everything. Just wasn't anyone I wanted to see and brag to. But if you know people going I heart they can be fun.

Helene in Between said...

you are all around kick ass!!

Jen said...

I didn't go to any school reunion, it didn't interest me in the slightest.

Kristine said...

You forgot to mention that you are a bad-ass in general. Duh. :)
Ugh, my ten-year is also this year. Not having a Facebook makes me kind of excited to go since I have no idea what people are doing with their lives.

Jackie @ Our Nashville Life said...

I was dragged to my husband's high school reunion. It was awful.

Cece said...

Mine was bad. It was expensive and came with nothing free. I don't regret going 'cause I had to find out for myself. Some say theirs went okay but mostly people say it was bad.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Good luck!! I hope it went well! It's too bad that Will can't go with you - I hope your pup is better soon! It's no fun when our furkids are sick.

And hey, as a side note... I mentioned you on my blog today. :)

Jean said...

i skipped mine. i barely spoke to anyone ever in h.s., plus i switched h.s. when i was in the 10th grade, though my graduating class was only at 110!

i cant stand ppl that have to point out their GPA. it's like, really? you still act like you're in h.s. or that you are pretty insecure. humble folks don't need to brag how good they have it. but i think it's funny when you put them in their place. ;)

Elle Sees said...

my 20th hs is enxt year and i haven't attended the other years! good luck :)

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Kathryn B said...

Our 10 year reunion got cancelled because not enough people bought tickets :( So I have no idea what to tell you. I hope you have a great time anyways. :) I'm hoping we will be able to get our 20 year reunion off the ground.

Kelly said...

Have a great time and I hope you blog about it!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Courtney B said...

You really do have so much to brag about... and there's no one that deserves it more!!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I don't think I want to go to my reunion. You are rocking it so you have every right to brag!


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