Friday, May 3, 2013

For The Smile Of Eli

As I sit here eating my late night snack of Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish and pretzels, I am so very thankful.
I am thankful that we live in a world were we can rally prayers, find support in strangers, and raise money for hope. Social media can be shallow, negative, or counterproductive, but only if we allow it. Instead, lets focus on being positive, bettering ourselves, and improving the lives of others.

Like little Eli...

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

He is the son of a friend of a friend, and he has leukemia.
He was just diagnosed in April, and his parents want to get him home to California where he has a support system. Little man is only $700 from his goal, so visit here to donate. Let's make sure this sweet babe gets home where he ought to be!

Prayers are also acceptable currency ;)

 photo Divide.jpg

I am turning comments off for this post, so go forth and be merry.
I think we all need to enjoy this weekend.


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