Friday, July 20, 2012

Everything Has Potential If You Care To See

Well, hello Friday. What took you so long?
OK, so I did have yesterday off, but I spent the WHOLE day blogging.
That does NOT count as a day off. Haha.

I received another award this week from Jenn @ Going The Distance, and I had to participate for
 two reasons:
+I really liked the questions and came up with some responses from the heart.
+She is TWO followers away from 200, and she TOTALLY deserves the love.

She happens to be a fabulous blogger that I have enjoyed following for quite some time now. She is a teacher so she always has funny stories, she is creating a beautiful love story (you know I'm a sucker for love), and she has the funniest stories about her old roommate. I felt bad for her, but she had me cracking up. It's the stuff you just can't make up...

Back to business. Here are may answers for the Sunshine Award!
{Not doing the whole shebang, just the questions}

1. What would you most like to change about yourself?
My bubble toes. My mom, my sister, and I ALL have them.
They are "cute" I guess, but I just want normal toes!

2.  What is your theme song?
Bob Marley, Don't Worry Be Happy.
Self explanatory.

3.  One part of your life, a memory, action, etc. that you wish you could surgically remove from your brain?
I could say that I would rid my brain of the fights between my parents (they divorced), the feeling of breaking the heart of an ex and having mine broken in return, death of a family pet, or even the death of a dear friend and the memory of sitting on the hospital floor when they pulled the plug...However, each experience taught me a lesson that made me stronger, better, and more compassionate. No matter what you believe in, we all know that one small change can lead you down a completely different path, and I can't imagine being any where other than where I am now. Can you imagine if I had missed meeting Will? The thought is so scary, but more than anything, it's eye opening.

4. What generation do you wish you had been a part of?
Everyone says that Will and I are right out of the 50's. We love all things vintage, we don't get sucked into the new ideals of society, we believe in hard work and dedication, and our love is timeless. Plus I could totally rock some 50's fashion!

Here is an example that is definitely a throwback...I think this was 2007?
My first photo shoot ever, actually.


5. What was your favorite childhood toy?
I was never one of those kids that got emotionally attached to toys or blankies, but I do remember having a pretty sweet record collection at four years old, and I would rock out to Elvis e'rday.

6. What is your favorite housecleaning chore?
Organizing, because it leaves you feeling uncluttered, cleansed, and doesn't involve cleaning products, scrubbing, or dirt and grime.

7. Do you Twitter?
I used to think it was only for people that wanted the world to know when they took a poo, but now I love connecting with all my bloggy friends, and being able to connect with everyone quicker than just blogs and emails! Wanna chat? @janna_renee

8. Any goals?
My only goal at the moment is to get through this deployment as quickly as possible, but I would like to find a career that I can do from home. I know we all want that, but pretty soon I will share my reasoning! You might be surprised.

9. What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were embarrassed to be seen in?
Well, when I was younger and vain, I'm talking Elementary school, my dad was redoing an old Ford pickup. We called it the "Truck of many colors", and when he pulled up to my school I would slink out embarrassed. My dad would laugh because he knew it was only a matter of time before I changed my tune. Let me tell you, to this day when I see that truck on the streets of Pensacola, I swell with pride that my daddy created that masterpiece. He's done it twenty times over and will continue to make pearls out of sand, but more importantly, he taught me that there is nothing in this world to be ashamed of. It's simply our responsibility to leave this world a little bit more beautiful, if we so choose.

I probably sound super corny, but this is me, so take it or leave it! I used to try to sound a little more "normal", but normal just isn't me ;) I am an English major who enjoys reading and writing, but I'm not perfect with grammar, so don't be all judgy.

One last thing, I am guest posting for Nikki @ My Life My Way, and am sharing how I live My life, MY way. I was "supposed" to do a lot of things so far in life, but I said eff that!
Go check it out, and you may learn something new about me...Like how I was "supposed" to take over the family business and DIDN'T. Dunh, dunh, DUNH.

Everyone kick off your weekend right, and remember:
Don't Worry, Be Happy!


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I'm curious to know why you want to have a career at home. When you said, "The answer may surprise you." I can only think of one reason, buy I really don't think that's it.

Courtney said...

I loved your guest post! That last quote you had on there is so true!

P!nky said...

Great stuff! congrats on the award :)! xoxo

Beautifully Quirky said...

Coming by from Nikki's page. You have a new follower :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I ADORE the 50s era, too :)
Adam & I have talked about theming our wedding (whenever that is lol) around it!

Happy Friday, sweet girl!
AND congrats on your award!


Alana Christine said...

I could so see you as a 50s pin-up girl!!

Beth said...

I don't think you sound super corny at all! I think you have a great perspective on things and I love that you shared!

Courtney B said...

I'm definitely curious as to why you want to find a stay at home job! Share soon!! ;)
Annnnd I think you and Will are such a special couple! Love your sweet relationship!!

Nicole said...

That picture totally doesn't even look like you! But cute 50's pinup though :)

I am starting a new adventure working from home...unfortunately it's just a hobby and not a full time job. Bummer. But, hoping to make some money off of it!

Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

These were fun answers ~ I can tell you took some time to really think them through. All interesting things to learn. I especially loved the part about going back and deleting a chunk of time. I think about that same thing ... probably a little too much. I have a shady past, and I wish I could un-do several things. But then where would that put me today?

CeCe said...

I hate my toes too but I'm pretty sure you would never call mine "cute." A job from home. I totally wish. If anyone can figure out a way to make that happen it's you!

Melissa said...

I completely agree that by erasing any memory, even the toughest and worst of all of them, would most likely change the course of your life. It's not supposed to be easy, we are meant to go through things and learn from them, I wouldn't trade even my worst day in because every single one of them has gotten me to where I am today :)

<3 Melissa

Jenn said...

Thanks for the love back girl! Love your answers to the questions, too! So glad to have met you on the blog're a sweetheart! :)

Amanda said...

I totally agree with not changing any of the experiences too. I would go through all the heartbreak and pain to get to be where I am today! I think it's so important to have life experience to grow as a person :) Hope you have an amazing weekend, Janna!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Loved learning more about you! I think you're even sweeter now than I already thought you were! ;) You have a great outlook on life!!

Hope you have a fab weekend, girl!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Nicole said...

Haha, my dad drove a Ranger that had a muffler rattle and I hated that truck! But you could always tell miles away when he was coming to get you what kind of mood he was in... LOL :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

That old photo doesn't even look like you! So funny though because I love the 50s too. Everything was so innocent & sweet! I seriously like twitter better than Facebook now! Have a great weekend! Love you! Xoxo Kelly

Anonymous said...

Ok, one post and I'm sucked in already! Love love finding new blogs!

Niken said...

You are an inspiration!
I find myself nodding at every answer you make. Except for that twitter thing. I don 't tweet.

ms.composure said...

LoL LOVING your theme song girl...and i am BIG on organizing as well! i LOVE it and it makes me feel so much better to know that everything has a place


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