Friday, July 13, 2012

Blogging Tips For the Hubby

Y'all. I am HIGH ON LIFE, right now. Have you ever been high on life?
You know that feeling when you could burst with happiness, you are full of ideas/inspiration, and it feels like nothing can stop you? I kind of go through phases, so I'm not totally positive what the exact cause was, but I think that a BIG part is that I have been blogging from my heart, and to find that it touches people? Priceless. This is what it's all about, or at least it is for me.

Perhaps another reason? I finished my part of The Messy Project and had a blast! I know that we are being very hush hush about all this, but I promise it will be worth the wait! The big reveal will be on July 18th, so stay tuned. While I was working on said project, I got to participate in a fun little photo shoot, and I could share some of those, but what's the fun in that? Instead, I am creating another mini-challenge. All we need to do is gain 32 more Facebook followers, and I will share the rest of these babies:


Shamelessly promoting...I know.

In other news:

The hubs left his FIRST comment on le blog yesterday!
It made me giddier than school boy wearing panty hose, and apparently that's pretty giddy.
As he is new to these parts, shall we teach him a few things about blogging?

#1 Lover, you are a no-reply commentor! GASP.
I'm sure you had no idea, but we need to fix that ASAP or I won't be able to reply back.
#2 Your profile is not accessible, and if you want traffic to your profile, you need to fix that.
Google + makes this super easy, so step it up!
#3 If you had a blog, you would have word verification on, and we Just.Can't.Have.That.
If I commented and you verified me...I would feel violated. Just sayin'.

So where can you go to fix all of this, lover?
There are MANY tutorials out there, but this one at 5ohwifey will definitely get you going!
I suggest that other new bloggers follow suit if you have any of these issues, and as a matter of fact, you may suffer from these problems and not even KNOW.
Let's all fix them, and make this world a better place.


Last, but not least, Have you noticed the new button that you can pick up on that thar side bar?


It doesn't matter whether you have sent a million care packages or simply sent your thoughts and prayers to those in war, either way  you are supporting our troops, and I give you full permission to rock that button! I've seen it pop up on a few blogs, and it definitely makes my life. Do you want to make my life too?

You know what else is making my life? Friday the 13th!
Let's just hope the crazies don't go too crazy.
Have a great weekend, y'all!
Catch ya on the flip side ;)

Aunie Sauce


Jenn said...

hahah so glad the hubby commented....and that you are teaching proper blogging/commenting to him! I would love it if my bf commented on my blog.

Im SO glad that you're high on life! It's a great feeling, and I can't think of a girl who deserves it more! :)

The Pink Growl said...

So cute that your hubby did his first comment! And I'm glad right off the bat you are teaching him the tips so he cant do it right. Have a great weekend!

Jess said...

I love the quote about "naturally being a blast" I can't stand when people judgmentally ask me "ARE YOU DRUNK!?!?!" I just want to be like, bitch. don't be jealous that I'm AWESOME and you are hatin. :)

Alana Christine said...

Can't wait to hear about the project! I love that he commented...and that you called him out. haha

Nikskie said...

i miss that high feeling in life!

i can't do anything but NOD on every blogging tips point you've made.

Nicole said...

haha, my hubby just started a blog this week. I had to tell him to turn off the word verification so he made me a user so I could set it all up correctly. haha!

Megan G. said...

Hahaha these tips completely cracked me up! I love that photo and I'm going to be taking that button. :)

Hilary said...

Great great blogging tips! I wrote a CAPTCHA 5 times today while commenting on someone's blog. ARGH! ...And I absolutely hate receiving the bouncebacks for no-reply bloggers :(

cynthia said...

I am grabbing the button now! :)
Did you ever find out if the hubs got any pics of my package arriving? (I sent one for boys and one for girls.)
Happy Friday the 13th!

Courtney B said...

I LOVE that he left you a comment on the blog! What a sweet heart :)
And seriously Janna, I admire you SO much! You always inspire me to just be better. I'm so glad that you are SO happy right now!!

And that picture? You're STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

I love that quote "you're just naturally a blast"!
That is so awesome that your hubs commented on your blog! Yay!
Great tips :D
Hope you have a fabulous weekend :D

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh girl, I am like that. I just get so dang giddy some times! :D

And I'm glad your husband commented! So cute!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What a great pic! I bet the rest are awesome :)

s.K said...

Thank you for the button!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

i knew that was your hubby who commented yesterday! SO freaking cute. when my BF comments I get the biggest smile. He has only done it once...#fail. I LOVE this picture of you! So freaking pretty!!! im not gonna lie...i kinda of enjoy all the hush hush seriously make me smile with everything you say & write. i just love you, thats all! happy friday!!!!! xoxo Kelly

Megan said...

You are stinking gorgeous!! I want to see more more more pictures!!!!! And so precious that the hubs commented on your blog! I love that!!

Amanda said...

YAY!!! I love that he actually left a comment on your blog :) M reads my blog, but doesn't comment. I think it would be funny if he ever did comment though!


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