Monday, February 20, 2012

The Key To Comedy Is Surprise...

I was just as surprised as you when our friend Buck dropped this by, tonight.  He just got back from Texas, and this is what he brought back for me....I agreed that it is very appropriate, since I'm always the DD, but I was quite perplexed as to why they would dedicate a shot glass to the person who isn't supposed to be drinking....Shall I fill it with water and call it Patron, like I used to do when people would bug me to drink? 

Peer pressure...yeesh.

I also wasn't completely sure he wasn't calling me a dog.  I WISH that I would not have said that out loud, because now the boys are going to run with that one. 
I'm in trouble.

So far this weekend has been AWESOME!
Here are a few teaser pics:


We now have two days left of our extended weekend, so I am a happy girl!
Tomorrow, ^ Weiser ^ will be featured, since he hasn't felt enough blog love.  
Y'all are going to LOVE it!


Courtney B said...

TWO more days?? Lucky girl! I am missing my hubs today and wishing it was still the weekend for us!

Pamela said...

That glass is too funny! Love the pictures!

Megan said...

That picture is gorgeous! What a great view. And seriously, two more days off? Lucky y'all!


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