Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration Friday

I can't believe that I have almost made it through this week!

Considering I needed a vacation from our staycation, got some kind of bug, had to go into work early several days, trained some new employees on top of normal duties and still have the longest day of my week ahead of me- I'm in pretty good spirits.  I guess seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is enough to get me through ;)


I'm going to be a little vague in my inspiration, because it involves something I am doing this weekend that I may or may not be able to share.  IF what I'm doing turns out- I can't WAIT to share, but IF it's only ok, then I will spare you.  I'm only lookin' out for you ;)

Source: Uploaded by user via Janna on Pinterest


Source: via Janna on Pinterest


Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Confused? Good.

I am now praying that my drive to work looks like this:

I don't mind the snow if it's manageable and sunny, but as of right now the news is telling us to stay home.  Unfortunately, that is not an option,
soooo wish me luck!

Now go check out Sarah's blog and feel free to link up...
I think we all could use a little inspiration to get us through Fridays!


J and A said...

Love the photos. Good work on making it through the week! Happy weekend.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to hear about what this weekend could potentially hold for you!! Details woman!! I love the pictures and I love you for linking up!.....among other things of course ;)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

inspiration indeed! have an awesome weekend!

dina vanessa mercado said...

great pics!!! hope you'll enjoy the weekend and have fun!!! great blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!


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