Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Girl Behind The Blog"

I feel like today is going to be a good day.
I get to participate with Erin and Ashley in this Vlog link up, I am guest posting for Bethany over at 
Skinny Is A Mindset, and on top of that,I only have a four day work week this week! I'm not sure how I got so lucky- 
but I'll take it.


First up- the link up.  It is an inspired opportunity to get to know some of your fave bloggers, as well as meeting some new ones in the process.  I was pretty excited about today, so I made two videos.  I wasn't sure which one to share, so I figured- why not both?  Especially since they show two completely different sides of me.   I'm sure you will be able to differentiate...or just choose to watch whichever one looks fun ;)

This one is my best foot forward, "I want you to take me seriously" one:

And this one is my candid, "Don't take me seriously" one:
(If you don't like gum chewing- don't watch this one...I forgot to spit it out. Fair warning :)

At least now I know that I am better recording vlogs outside of my home...I guess it distracts me, so that I don't over do it.  I do still enjoy the first video, though.  I feel like I let my emotions flow a bit more. Yay for transparency. Right, Erin??

Now it's time for you to go check out my guest post and show Bethany some love!  You will regret it if you don't go, because I shared a video, that I can't promise you will ever see on this blog.  This could be a once
in a lifetime opportunity, and no matter what- you will get a good laugh on my account!

Thank you Erin, Ashley and Bethany for starting my week off right!


I had to add one more short video, because one more lovely friend deserves an extra shout out too!

Pinky, I put myself out there in PJ's and NO makeup, so please forgive me for the oversight in my nervous vlog ramblings. Love ya, girl!!

Now it really is past my bedtime!!


Kerrie said...

1. I love the title of your blog! That's how I feel about life! I love it. I wish I had thought of it first haha.

2. I love love love the gun comment haha it cracked me up. My husband and I have the same agreement since he works the night shift every other week.

New Follower :)

Erin said...

Yes! I got giddy when I saw your picture in the linkup! You are wonderful on camera! :)

ha ha.....I am so glad you threw in the gun comment! I am here for you whenever you want to talk!

Yes...Snow Patrol... love that song. :)

Mama and her boys said...

I just love you! The car vlog was my favorite. I'm so happy that I found your blog and even more happy that we have become friends :) I never thought I would give my number to a blogger, but I feel like we are long lost friends and you don't seem like a creeper. haha! Did you have fun yesterday at your Super Bowl party? I wish we had plans yesterday, but I had gotten home from Napa right before the games started and I was exhausted.
PS- I wanna hear about your weekend!!

5ohWifey said...

I love both your vlogs!You are too cute! The gun comment cracked me up. 5ohHubby made me promise to shoot someone if they break in, too. I've gotta say though, it makes me more comfortable to have that bad boy by my side when he's gone. Can't wait to learn more about you!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Great vlogs!! You should do them more often, you're a natural!! It's fun to see the person behind the blog :)

Kelly said...

your awesome at this vlogging thing.
i stoped by from erin's it was nice getting to know you.

Pamela said...

Love, love, LOVE! You're too cute! You did so good! I would be so nervous, ha!

Jessica Cortez said...

I just came across your blog and love it! I know what you mean about meeting so many new people through here. Not everyone understands how you can connect with someone you've never met, but it's pretty amazing.

New follower :) Have a great day!

the lowes said...

girl, you are so fun and gorgeous too! :) i loved your vlog today - and i agree, love the gun comment to the "creepers"! hahah we have one too and my hubbs has also made me promise to use it if someone breaks in!
Anywhooo, so gad i found you today! yay for new bloggy friends!!

L said...

You're so sweet!!! Hehe so basically I'll blog about whatever I want! =)
Love meeting you!
Fun to come across your blog through the linkup! =)
Much Love,


a girl with a smile said...

yay! So nice to meet you

Jean said...

new follower. super cute! love your layout!!

Allyson said...

LOVE your blog! Love the title and your layout is adorable, as are you! So cute! New follower. :)

Annie said...

I loved what you said about the Glock! haha. The idea that there are people who want to read what I have to say blows my mind too, much less that there are people to whom I've given my phone number! This blogging community is just amazing. Loved both your videos!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

More than one video? You're showing the rest of us up! :-) I'm your newest reader!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

super cute! I love the second one even with the gum!


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