Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Meg's Honor

I've been quite a fan of Meg, since I first began blogging. Her blog was so inspiring to me, and she keeps you coming back for more.  She's not someone who does everything "by the blog book", and yet she woos us all.  Maybe, it's that Southern charm.
Lately, she's been going through some of life's trials, so I'd really like it if you would all go show her some love, if you haven't already.
In her honor (and since it's Tuesday), it's time for Sometimes & Always!

Don't you just love the new button?

There is no theme today, so embrace my randomness ;)

Sometimes: My dog snores.
Always: He's so cute when he sleeps that I can't get mad!

Sometimes: I realize that I need a haircut...

(This was taken before my morning brushing, so don't judge)

Always: I keep putting it off, and now it's sooo long that I might just wait and donate to Locks of Love.

Sometimes: I might feel slight embarrassment at having this sign in the truck, while I learn to drive stick.

Always: It keeps people off my butt, so I may just leave it in!
At least it was my own idea and not forced upon me...

Sometimes: We fall off the bandwagon and eat out a lot.
Always: We both know that we truly enjoy eating healthy, so it won't be hard to get back on ;)
We vowed to enjoy all of our favorite foods, and even the "bad stuff" before Will deploys, and then back to yummy-healthy-goodness!

Sometimes: Will says that sites like SmartPhowned and Damn You, Autocorrect! are totally fake, and makes fun of me for amusing myself with them.
Always: I rub this in his face....

This is totally LEGIT!  

We are down to one week till deployment. 
 I only work two days out of this week, and then it's straight quality time with my lover!

Happy Tuesday!


Courtney B said...

LOVED this post! And that sign is genius to have in the vehicle while learning to drive stick! It's my biggest fear when I'm driving a stick shift vehicle, to be stopped on a hill with someone right on my butt behind me! I don't know how I haven't rolled back into someone?
Enjoy your time with hubs!!

Married...with a Pup said...

Wow your hair is SOOO long and pretty! Haha, I love autocorrect funnies as well. I love that you got to experience one yourself!

jessica said...

i am laughing right now. i freaking love auto correct.com so when it happens to me in real life it's even better and funnier. i also like the really ghetto site and parent fails, so funny.

girl, your hair is long! i've always wanted to do locks of love but i'm having a little bit of difficulty getting my hair past my shoulders. when i was in high school my hair was pretty long and i used to get it stuck on the back of my chair..all the time. lol.

Mama and her boys said...

I cant believe it is almost time for him to go! That time sped by. Well, I am back to keep you company! At least by text, phone, blog, email, etc. xoxo

Kathryn said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. What a cute idea. I LOVE the auto corrects, some are so funny! Ahhh, I can't believe time is almost up. Enjoy every moment you have together. :)

Miranda said...

wow i love your hair! and my dogs snore too! its bad enough my husband snores and then you add 2 big dogs!

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

Didn't realize your hair was THAT long. It's gorgeous.

lori said...

gorgeous hair! i definitely recommend donating it, if you're going to cut off a significant amount... i cut off 12 inches over the summer and it was the best feeling! idk if i can go back that long again though.

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

I loved this post! What a fun idea.

Your hair is gorgeous, by the way. Don't cut it...or at least not yet.
And, I love the dog. What a cutie.

Megan said...

Awww, you are precious! Thank you for those sweet words. Love you so much!!

Your hair is absolutely stunning! Don't cut it! I love it!! And I love your snoring puppy, too!

Thanks for linking up with me!

Kristin said...

Your hair is gorgeous!


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