Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day!

Not that I'm hating on Columbus or anything- I mean I don't want to steal his thunder on his day- BUT we all know he wasn't the first here.  Does that mean that we shouldn't celebrate him? No.  It means that we should take the time to understand why we should celebrate him.

We all know that the Asiatic peoples that became the Native Americans, we're here first, and we also know that those Norse Vikings weren't far behind.  Problem is-  They weren't well documented and didn't make as big of an impact.  Obviously, the Native Americans established themselves, but they forgot to send the memo out to the rest of the world.

That's where Columbus entered the picture.."In 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue..."  I mean c'mon- he must be important, we have a poem about the guy.  It wasn't that he was the first, and it wasn't that he was the best.  It's just that he was the greediest  smartest.  He is the one that linked the Old world to the New World, established commerce and established Import/Export. 

Regardless, of whether you feel for the Native Americans or disclaim that he was the "first", we can't deny that we all wouldn't be here without him.  He is a major part of America's history and all we can do is be informed and learn from his mistakes.  Maybe, if he had done his job right we wouldn't still be paying reparations...mentally and monetarily.

Take this day as a blessing and a lesson.  


alexis said...

agreed. I don't think colombus should get all the credt,but there's still good things worth celebrating! Also, holy crap. Your header picture is stunning. You and your haband are a handsome couple! :)

Megan said...

Great thoughts!! And great history lesson! I love this!


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