Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dating: Good, Bad and Funny

I am havin' some fun over at Alexis Laughs and was just inspired by her post on Dating Stories...Lemme tell you- It's hilarious and reminded me of a lot of funny/interesting stories from the past...Would you allow me to share?

I would like to pretend that my "relationships" from back then were perfect and I was perfect, but that is NOT the case...Isn't that the fun of it, though?  Having a crush, feeling the rush and wondering if said crush feels the same way?  Sometimes the anticipation was the best or lose. 

For as many boys as there were that courted me, there were just as many that I wished would notice me or at least notice me in the way that a young girl wants to be noticed.  I probably ended up being a little more forward than I should have at times, but hey...every "no" led me closer to my hubby!  Cheesy, I know ;)  For all you single ladies out there- Don't be afraid to show your feelings towards a guy.  Most of the time they are more afraid to talk to you than you are to them and the other times- they may like you and just not know it...Boys tend to think on a different wave length than we do.  You know the whole "Mars Vs. Venus" thing.  Just remember there is a difference between making yourself available and seeming desperate. #fineline

This would be a NO:

This is more like it:

Now to the good stuff:

There was one summer that I followed a boy around for a WHOLE summer, because I had SUCH a crush on him...He was a lifeguard with a 12-pack, and I'm not talkin' beer.  I don't think he saw me as anything more than a friend, but I liked him so much that I helped him put baby oil on his burned butt (don't ask, just don't worry it was a g-rated-one-cheek-at-a-time-thing) just to get some attention.  I think we did make-out once, but his ego ended up being too big for my idea of summer lovin'!

One boy was a passionate Spaniard and wrote me the most beautiful love notes, brought me flowers and even laid out a trail of Hershey kisses to a surprise of flowers and presents in my room.  Pretty intense for a fifteen-year-old, so as sweet as he was...he had to go!  Not that I EVER think he would have gotten physical with me, but his passion truly came out when we broke up.  He punched the stop sign on the way home and practically broke his hand!  We all had a good laugh on that one (once it had healed) and we are still friends.

At one point, my girlfriend and I were dating two lovely young men and thought it would be funny to trade boyfriends....The boys weren't amused.  We traded back and it was no harm, no fowl, but we learned that boys weren't like trading cards. Dang.

I went through old notes and letters from grade school the other day and stumbled upon some doozies.  Particularly, the correspondence between myself and a middle school bus mate. We used to write poems back and forth and let me tell you-  I have no clue how we put those deep-well-beyond-our-years-thoughts into poetic form. 

On that very same bus, I "dated" another handsome young man.  We held hands on the way to school, walked each other to class and "dated" two times...That equaled love back in the day.  We used to spend hours on the phone and he was more like a girlfriend than a guy friend...Although, I think I should have picked up on that, 'cuz then I might have realized that he was GAY!  I knew he was too pretty and too sweet!  You know what they say, "All the good ones are either gay or taken..."

Perhaps my favorite story- was of a guy that I never even dated.  I'm not even sure how we got to know each other, but I certainly will never forget how he left single roses for me all over town.  My car, my locker, my cubby at work, church and I can't even recall where else.  They added up to a dozen roses and then he brought me one more in person for good measure.  He was very romantic.  He used to call me and make me sing to him.  That's the part that made me fall for him.  There is just something about a guy who knows your deepest desires and desires them as well.  He knew how much singing meant to me, so it meant just as much to him.  We never officially "dated", but the courtship was fun!

So how did dating my husband go?  Well, you can read the full story HERE, but I guess the funny part is that I didn't even know our first date was a date...He persuaded me to go with him to Miami, under the pretense that he "didn't know his way around", and by the end of the night I was in love.  After we had been dating a bit, some of my friends voiced some concerns, though.  They explained that they were not comfortable with me dating this 32 year old "server" when I was only 22 and "going places".  I almost cried with laughter and they looked at me like I had two heads, until I told them that he was only 23!  Oh that PRANKSTER! Lucky for him, his humor was what sealed the deal and he has kept me laughing for almost four years now.

I hope that I was HALF as entertaining as Alexis...but at least I was entertained ;)

Happy Humpday, y'all! We're halfway there!


Alexis Kaye said...

totally!!! I loved this! my favorite? switching boyfriends!! hahahah oh gosh. Isn't it great to be married to a good man and be over the awkward dating? only now it's onto the awkward weird guy hitting on you. just today i had a guy ask me out. tried to place my hand inOBVIOUS places so he can see my ring. still didn't catch on til he reached out to shake my hand and i gave him my left hand. AWKWARD!!

Nikskie said...

om god, i don't know about switching boyfriend thing.that sound a bit crazy,haha.i think it takes lots of courage and a bit of craziness to do that


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