Monday, January 10, 2011

Alone for the Evening...Jus' me and mah dawg...

So far the New Year is shaping up pretty nicely considering... ;) 

We've FINALLY begun to make friends, we've gotten a little more situated in our jobs and are spending as much time together as possible before Will leaves for a month at Fort Polk.  Obviously, the fact that Will is going to be gone is not part of the good of the new year, but reguardless of the circumstances I am always happy with our quality time together. I will enjoy every bit of it, so that I can hold onto it when I am stuck home alone while he is sent off to help train some random soldiers.  (It is kind of funny that he will be playing a "bad guy" and that they are flying him down there for just that purpose.)
I can already tell you that I am not going to be having this situation while he's gone.  I'm in a trial run right now because he's on post tonight for 24 hour-CQ Duty (basically security) and I am already aggravated without him.  My whole schedule is messed up because I'm used to "our" schedule.  Even Weiser is confused as to why he is not here.

I guess all we can do is catch some ZZZZ's and await his arrival in the morning. 

Our new view

Good Night World...sweet dreams ;)

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