Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: Top 10...So hard to narrow down!

Well, we started off the year in Williamsburg, Va. where I also experienced my first "real" winter.  Williamsburg was not my favorite place to live, but we definately made some amazing memories with some amazing people <3


I had to choose this picture because it highlights how crazy and wonderful my life is.  I absolutely love that I have amazing friends and family that enjoy the randomness of life.  This particularly random evening, Todd Butler and I dressed as Austrian Royalty for a charity event and then wore these outfits Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, pretending to be out of towners.

ya dig?

This is Will and I on our cruise in February.  It was Will's fisrt cruise, our 2-year anniversary and the trip we will always remember as the trip he proposed to me while I was dressed like Britany Spears...You should hear the whole story..It's a riot.

he competed in yet another competition and one a &quot;piece of ship on a stick&quot; haha

This is from our engagement photo sesh with Thomas Fields.  He just happens to be the most talented photographer EVER, and even more importantly, he is one of our best friends!

This one here, is our sweet and simple wedding with some amazing family and friends.  We were very sorry to exclude the rest of our amazing family and friends, but this is exactly what we wanted until we had the time and energy for the "real" thing...I will never forget how beautiful the setting was for this day and how much love I truly felt from my family, our friends that were able to be there and my wonderful husband <3  I can no longer imagine my life without him...


This picture really doesn't do this particular weekend justice, but I title it "Tu-Tus and Tiaras."  I chose it because it is another picture of our random and zany times.  It was Dani's birthday (only one of my best friends in the entire world), we rented a hotel on the beach and partied it up at the Bahia Cabana's- Bartender's bash.  My second Bartender's Bash of the year lol. My favorite quote of the night was from some random guy, who said "I love me some Jack drinkin', tutu wearin' gals."
 Yep, that pretty much sums us up ;)

we looked ridiculous, but everyone LOVED IT!

Another momentous event of the year, was Will's enlistment.  My man became a soldier, and I am pretty darn proud of him!  He is what you call a 94 Fox, which is Computer/Detection Systems Maintenance.  That means: A) he did really good on the ASVAB and B) he didn't let them give him some stupid job like "tank driver" even though that job does offer a huge bonus lol.  Needless to say, I am extremely proud to be married to someone who is dedicating himself to support our country.  Those of you who know him, know that he's not some dumb guy joining for the wrong reasons.  He's the kind of person our military needs.  Strong. Smart. Loyal. Dedicated.
And pretty much just amazing all the way around ;)

He already looks the part ;) My Soldier

So after Will graduated from Basic we moved to Augusta, Ga.  We decided that a trip into the Georgia mountains was a must, and surprisingly, some of our very best friends thought it was a great idea as well.  Georgia was definately a great time, but this particular trip will stick with me forever.  Not only was it the PERFECT weekend vacation, but somehow they all kept a secret from me.  Apparently, while I was planning the trip, they were planning a birthday surprise party for me with costumes and all! (my birthday is Halloween)  I was so absolutely overcome to walk into the cabin decorated, presents strewn about and patron shoved in my face (Dani), and then on top of all of that every one brought costumes and we had our very own Halloween/Costume/Birthday party in the middle of the mountains in Georgia.  It was Epic.
sickest pic!

As Will was awaiting graduation from A.I.T (Advanced Individual Training), we were very anxious to find out where we were being stationed and what that station would bring.  I had it in my head that we were getting shipped off to Alaska and that as soon as we got there Will was going to be deployed.  Every day was agony, and then finally we heard we were going to COLORADO!  That sounded MUCH better than Alaska, but that was still only half the battle.  We packed up our life, said goodbye to our friends, family and all we once knew and made the cross country trek, hoping that there wasn't a deployment waiting at the other end.  Well, I can happily tell you that as of right now, Will is not scheduled for deployment until middle of 2012!  So for now, we will be enjoying all that Colorado has to offer and its blessings of safety.  Check these mountains out!


Last, but certainly not least, we rounded out the year by moving into our first house, rescuing the most amazing 3 year-old Weimaraner mix whom we named Lord Weisenheimer, the Weimaraner (Weiser for short) and celebrating the holidays in Colorado for the first time as a married couple. 

finished product and our lil fam for our first Christmas photo!

I can honestly and truly say, that I have never been more happy and fulfilled in my life.  I love my family and friends so much and cannot be thankful enough for all that they bring into my life!  2011- You've got a LOT to live up to ;)

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