Monday, July 18, 2011

Weiser's First Vacation!

This past weekend, Will had a soccer tournament in Breckenridge.  We had planned on sending Weiser on a playdate with his best bud Ace, but we had missed him while we were in Florida and didn't want to leave him again.  As far as we knew the condo that we had rented did not allow pets, but we decided to live on the edge and sneak him in!  Luckily, the place was pretty quiet, so we were able to get him in and out without any issues, and he is not a barker, thank goodness!  We couldn't have asked him to be any more well-behaved and everyone enjoyed his company, but not as much as we did ;)

Look at those eyes!  Just try and look at him and not fall in love...

He seemed to get more excited as we got closer!

He loved the condo just as much as we did...

Especially, his playtime with daddy.

I'm pretty sure this lambskin rug was his favorite thing of the whole weekend.  Will says that we have to get him one for Christmas.  Can you say spoiled rotten?

Breckenridge is very dog friendly, so we got to take him almost everywhere.  Some restarants and bars even let doggies in.

We stopped for lunch and he was still rarin' to go! Which is crazy because he typically sleeps 20 hours a day and we were cutting into his nap time.

He didn't care for the rushing (freezing mountain) water. Big surprise.

But did enjoy relaxin' at the soccer tournament.

And he definitely didn't mind the attention from everyone. People couldn't walk by him without giving him a pat.  He didn't even flinch at the tail pulling from the little devil Aaron.  At least now we know he is kid friendly...

Diligently watching daddy play.

How cute are they together?!

Love my boys <3

Will made it all the way to the finals on Sunday, so we were all tired on the trip home.  Especially Weiser!
Don't worry, he caught up on his sleep coma today ;)

Can't wait for our next family vacation!

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