Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jazz UP That Chicken Sandwich!

When my family was here I was cookin' up a storm, but on the last night we wanted to be more laid back and grilled out on the barbie.  Chicken sandwiches were the consensus, but I took it a couple steps further- making the most perfectly simple and wonderful  BBQ chicken sandwich!

-Fire up the grill and cut up some red bell pepper and red onion, like so:

Throw the chicken on and either cook the veggies in a nice little BBQ tray or directly on the grill:

You know, just hanging out with my ridiculously good-lookin' did I get so lucky? And he can BBQ? mmmm...mmm...mmm!

Once the chicken is close to being finished, baste on some BBQ sauce!! We use Sweet Baby Ray's, but you can use whatever...I think Stubb's might be a lower calorie alternative, without losing any flavor...

And it'll start lookin' like this:

If you want to toast your buns- butter them with some Brummel and Brown- butter/yogurt blend and throw 'em on the grill.  We used Potato buns and they were awesome with this by the way!

How amazing does this look??

Let's just say, it tasted even better than it looks ;)
New Obsession....

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Looks delicious!!


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