Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Not A Vegetarian, These are Just REALLY Good!

I diligently check my Costco Coupons for savings, and recently their happened to be a coupon for these:
I had been too lazy busy to make the Black Bean Burgers that I found a recipe for, so when I saw these I got excited!  I still plan on eventually making my own because I love making things just the way I like them and with ingredients that I trust, but for now-  I am really enjoying these.  They are so convenient, lower calorie option (vs. a beef burger) and so FULL of flavor.  For lunch today, I popped one in the microwave, as per the microwave directions, and then broiled it with some Deli Thins:
The broiler crisped up the bread and the burger very nicely.  I ate it with some BBQ sauce and good ol' ketchup-
But in the future, I plan on adding some Gouda or Pepperjack cheese and most likely some fresh vegetables from the Farmer's Market.

On a lazy Sunday, it made the perfect lunch ;)
Ps. You don't have to go to Costco to find them.  Just go to the Morning Star website and you can look up the stores near you.
Happy Sunday!

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