Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We're Havin' More House Guests!

First off, let me say that everything went well at the hospital.  Other than the fact that I had to go all by myself and get stuck with a lot of needles, it wasn't half bad.  I won't recommend the Glucose, they made me drink though:

It wasn't bad at first, but by the time my 5 minute time limit was ending I wasn't sure I was going to get it -and keep it- all down.  The nurse said that it is equivalent to 3 sodas. YIKES.
I felt totally fine the whole time, and then as soon as I got in my truck, the blood sugar drop hit me and boy was I loopy.  I wish that had happened in the hospital instead, but at least I always have snacks in the car!

Now onto the good stuff~
In Less than one week, my daddy and little brother are coming to visit! 

Yep, they're that awesome ;)

 Neither of them have ever been to Colorado, so they are very excited.  I am even more excited to have their company and show them around my new home.  I'm probaly going to spend the next week getting the house ready, planning all of our activities and planning our menu.  I know planning the menu sounds a little overboard, but I have to accomodate for two Southern boys, who don't eat like Will and I do, and more specifically- a growing boy 15 year-old who eats more than an elephant. Between that and the house, I'm going to be busy.... Unfortunately, my hubby has had a lot of time off and has strewn his toys, car parts and clothes about the house, so now I'm going to have to whip this place into shape!  I'm not too worried about it, but I am having pantry issues, since I don't have one and need to get a new shelving unit ASAP!  I've been searching and found some great deals at Goodwill in the process, but still pantry-less. 
Well, y'all have a happy Tuesday!!


Miss Rachel M. said...

Glad all went well at the hospital!

Janna Renee said...

Thanks babe!!


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