Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recap Of Our Latest Happenings

Now that Spring has segwayed into Summer, Colorado is full of life!  Everything is green and luscious, the parks are filled with people, the festivals are endless and I don't see any snow in our near future! Although, that could change at any time... We have become hermits homebodies and those cold winter months only fascilitated that behavior.  Luckily, the summer bug is very contagious and it has gotten us to go out and about much more than usual.

We finally went and explored Pueblo, Co. (about 30 minutes south of us)
Their Riverwalk was LOVELY!

We were there for a festival called "Wild, Wild West Fest".  The day was gorgeous, it wasn't too packed and we even got to go antiquing!

A perfect lunch date after:

There has been lots of baking this month- including, but not limited to "Pizza Bread" and Chocolate-Marshmallow Blondies.

We FINALLY went to a nice dinner for our One Year Anniversary, only a month late...

(This was our first Bison Steak experience)

The next weekend we went to "Territory Days" in Old Colorado City, and even though I don't believe that it was as good as Pueblo's festival, Im glad we went.

Great way to celebrate Memorial Day, and it was awesome when people would thank all the boys for their service as we perused the festival.  Heartwarming.

Had a great group of people!

I had to buy that hat because I was getting burned!  We are at such a high elevation that the sun is brutal.

For some reason the boys had the most fun that day at Walmart buying pinatas.  Which, by the way, they plan on launching with rockets....

Another fantastical dinner was at the Craftwood Inn.  They had Elk, Antelope, Bison and deer, just to name a few.  It was super swanky and such a lovely evening!  Our friend Roger took us to thank Will for his sweet!

How cute is this?

Oh and summer always= BBQing....LOTS of BBQing.
This was our dinner tonight- fresh sweet corn on the cobb and asparagus.  Tonight was VEGGIELISCIOUS! 

See why I have been a slacker?  At least I now have a lot of inspiration for new posts <3

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