Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ode To The Father Figures In My Life

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely Father's Day!!  I'm actually not, but I will be when my daddy comes tomorrow, and I will still be thinking about the Father figures in my life on their important day!  I try to make sure they all know how much they mean to me all the time, but today I hope they enjoy the accolade and respite that I hope is given to them.

Marcus Fowler is my daddy and I am definitely daddy's little girl.  He falls into the select group of  the most amazing people in the entire world and if you were to spend 5 short moments with him, you would see why.  He is truly a giving soul who NEVER thinks of himself before others, and has managed to provide for, and hold our family together through thick and thin.  He is the kind of dad, who when asked to go camping with the boys- asks if he can bring his children.  The kind of man who never lies, cheats or steals and more importantly the kind of man who doesn't allow you to leave a room without an "I love you" or go to bed with out a good night hug and kiss.  It is because of him that I have respect for myself and respect for others.  He embodies what a father should inspire in his children.  Thank goodness his calm, quiet manner offsets the sauciness that I got from my mother....

(I love being surrounded by these two VERY handsome men)

Christopher Haskell is the man that my mother was lucky enough to find after my father.  He has been in my life since I was a wee toddler and has also played a MAJOR roll in who I have become today.  He was there for me every time I was in need and taught me more about the world than I would have learned otherwise.  I'm pretty sure that I would not be any where near as well rounded if he had not been a part of my life.  He is EXTREMELY intelligent, very creative and talented and is ALWAYS the life of the party.  As a very loving and dedicated father, he made sure that my brother, sister and I knew that we were loved and that he would always protect us, no matter what.  He also took us on great camping and fishing trips and always got us the BEST fireworks ;)

Papa Buddy Olen came into my life a little later, but is just as important.  Despite the fact that I wrecked his 4-wheeler the first time our grandmother took us to meet him, he still learned to love me and honestly helped me make it through college.  The man should get a medal for signing up for the crazy side of our family, but that's how I know he MUST love us all...No matter what he has been put through (including but not limited too-dealing with all of us kids in our teens, family drama, stress from the family business and our grandmother's neediness) he has stuck by us all.  Honestly, he has become some what of a family buffer and the glue that holds us together...We owe him more than we could ever be able to fully thank him for!

Jim Bogert has been my father-in-law for the past year, but I knew as soon as I met him (and ate his yummy food) that he was going to be so much more than that...My husband and I lived with him for about nine months, while we were in Virginia and we all had sooo much fun!  We had family dinners, happy holidays, trips to Busch Gardens and made many other wonderful memories along the way.  By the way, he spoiled us ROTTEN with his cooking, and I will never forget the taste of his Mexican Lasagna.  Will and I joke that we want to bring him around the world and have him live with us, but that's not even a real joke, because we would LOVE to have him with us.  I also thank him for bringing my husband into this world and making him the man that he is today...I couldn't imagine my life without him, so thank you.

I would also like to honor my deceased grandfather's that made an impact on my life:
Grandpa Halle Fowler
Papa Fred Windridge
Gramps John Bedsole Sr.
They were honorable, strong, inspriring and loving so they must be appreciated in all their glory.

Just as I've told you that I had some amazing women who helped me to become who I am, I am blessed to have these men who are just as amazing and had just as much impact on my life.  I cannot put into words how much they mean to me and only hope they all never forget how much I love them and appreciate them.  All I can say is Thank You and Happy Father's Day, may your day be long and restful and full of good food and good family.  If I only I could be with each one of you on this day!

If you want a good movie for today, that'll give you a chuckle and show you a good story about a "father", then watch Despicable Me. You will NOT be disappointed!

P.S. T-Minus 1 DAY until Daddy and Marc are here!!

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