Friday, August 29, 2014

I Just Got Scolded Because I Forgot To Post This Morning.

This week wasn't near as bad as I expected. I made some bangin' food, got a LOT accomplished, and still got quality time with the hubs. I think I may even feel good in my bikini this weekend, and I'm not gonna lie...I was worried. Lately, I've been a lot more liberal with my eating habits because I don't have to squeeze into that tiny uniform. However, when I have to don a bikini, I rethink my eating habits. I know I don't look terrible, but I feel terrible...all bloated and meh. Oh the joys of a slowing metabolism. Have you seen the meme about getting pregnant as an excuse to get fat? It is tempting...

That picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I'm flippin' excited to head back there soon! We can't wait to spend a wonderful weekend with our hubbies and enjoy some good ol' country music on the beach. BCE would = 'Best Combination EVER' if I were a tween, but I'm not...and yet it's still true. You know what's not a good combination? Money and the Internet. Baaaad combination. It's like a thieves paradise.

Unlike Taylor, I hate internet scammers. I related and LOVED her post, but sitting here typing my blood is boiling. I know so many people that have hacked emails, internet charges, and been phone swindled that it makes me sick to my stomach. The faceless evil is becoming worse than a face to face confrontation, and the victims never seem to get justice. In an effort to help whomever I can, I want to share some scenarios I've come across that could trick even the savviest computer user.

You see, they are getting so smart that they create graphics mimicking sites you use and tell you to click their link because you've been hacked and you need to change your password. Solution? Don't click ANY links from your email, and just open a new browser to type in the address. You click that url, and you are done-zo. If you are questioning it, you can always check the email. It may have the title of the site included, but it will be obvious that it's not official, especially if it says UK at the end.

It's crazy how much access the hackers and anyone can have via the interwebs. For example, I signed up for  a UPS membership deal they have, and to verify it was me, they INSTANTANEOUSLY came up with questions from my past that I had to think hard for the answers. Their site could determine my address ten years ago, what I drove, and where I went to college in less time than it took me to read the questions. Keep that in mind people, and that goes for Facebook and other Social Media too. I don't care if your account is private, there is someone somewhere using some software looking for keywords, and if you say those keywords, they will totally hack you and/or begin watching you.

We all think it can't happen to us, but I've had my credit card number stolen a few times. I wish we all didn't have to be so cautious, but we are the only ones that can really stop hackers from hacking us through diligence. It's scary that we must protect our children from online predators, refrain from clicking links in our email, aid the elderly that don't have experience with the internet, and spread the word about circulating hacks and hope it's enough. I'm sorry to disrupt our regular programming, but if I can help one person, it was worth it!

Comments off for Labor Day Weekend festivities. Happy Labor Day!


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