Thursday, December 5, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Raise your hand if you are excited about tonight's Sound Of Music Tribute?
Me, me, ME!
I know some people are freaking out and saying that you can't 'remake' SOM, but you are wasting your energy. The powers that be knew that no one wants or can imagine it remade, so this is going to be a fabulous tribute performance. Genius.

In honor of tonight, I figured I'd share a few of my favorite things.
+ Kashi berry cereal.

I don't like sweets in the morning, but it makes a great late night snack. I know, I know, everyone says you shouldn't eat that late, but I have Hypoglycemia and it helps me avoid waking up with the shakes. It also gives me extra fiber, which I'd rather take at night if you know what I'm sayin'.
+ New boots!

Yes, I only have two months left to wear snow boots, but I took that into consideration when I ordered them. I made sure to pick a lower profile that I would be willing to wear when we move. Plus, my last pair only cost $5 and I wore them slap out.
..totally deserved new ones.
+ Red Wine Risotto
I never say no to Risotto, and now that I can make it in the crockpot, I could eat it on the daily. I love crockpot season!
+ Having most of my Christmas shopping done.
I actually started the Christmas shopping six months ago because I always keep my eye out for great gifts. Sometimes I buy things off the Christmas lists that go around, but I try to think outside the box. I feel like it means more if I find a gift that they will love on my own.

Recently, I asked around about a Christmas Swap, and I haven't seen one. I feel like this is a sad indicator of the blogland Christmas spirit, so I'm going to host one of my own. It's last minute, so I know you may be apprehensive, but how much time do you really need? I feel like we all just drag them out, and it becomes more of a chore than anything.

So here's the deal, comment that you want to participate, choose "purchase a gift" or "craft a gift", and then I will partner us all up by Sunday. We will have about five days to mail, and then we will link up our gifts. I've participated and/or held a swap every year, so I would just feel cheated without it. Wouldn't you?

Now it's passed my bed times. Nighty-might!


Jen said...

Smart thinking on starting Christmas shopping 6 months ago. I did the same thing. :)

Jamie Hart said...

Awww! Janna!! You wanna do a Christmas Swap with me? We can do like a $20 cut off or whatever.. pick a theme or something. It would be fun! (or I'll just stay tuned for the one you host!!) PS- thanks for getting the SOM in my head. UGH!

Kenzie Smith said...

I love the Sound of Music! I think it is neat that they are doing a tribute.
This next year I am going to start Christmas shopping super early too. I hate waiting til last minute because it gets expensive!

P!nky said...

I'll cohost with you if you want, so you don't have to do it all! I was thinking the same thing as you the other day! xoxo

Jenn said...

red wine risotto??? yum!!!

Helene in Between said...

those boots- need! and i also am so pumped for the sound of music!! cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

Yay for new boots! I need new ones. I say this every season adn never get them. Ugh. So, umm, I've never seen the Sound of Music. It's crazy since I'm a Disney/Musical junkie. But it just never appealed to me. Do I HAVE to watch it??

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love boots!!!

Don't hate me, but I don't like Sound of Music. We were always forced to watch it in elementary school :-| However, it's my MIL's fave movie.

Rach said...

Oooh I like those boots! It doesn't snow that much here, but it sure does get cold! I could use boots that keep my feet so warm!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I'm super excited about Sound of Music tonight!! And yay count me in for the swap.. I choose purchase a gift!

Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

Oh, i wish i'd known earlier, I participated in a gift swap this week :( but I'll be happy to do this one too! put me down for a purchase a gift.

Nicole said...

Darn it! I just participated in an ornament swap! Sadly, the person who picked me never contacted me :( But I still was able to give a fun ornament and small gift to the person I was given!

I also do Christmas shopping all year long-and I keep an ongoing list in my phone when people say things throughout the year about wanting something. It's helpful when shopping season comes around!

Kelly said...

I want to purchase a gift please, count me in!

Sparkles and Shoes

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

LOL! Man I'm so behind! Next swap I'm so in :) Those snow boots are cuuuute and I need to try that cereal.


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