Monday, December 16, 2013

History In The Making...On The Backs Of Veterans

I know not everyone wants to read the Political details, so skip to the bottom if you want to know how to help in as little as two seconds. Your help would show that you care for Veterans.

Last night, I decided to watch a show about the White House decking the halls, and boy, I wish I had skipped it. I shook my head at the army they employed to get it all done in two days, my eyes grew when I saw the stupid topiary that took six months to make {ONE flippin' FAKE topiary}, but I had to turn the dang TV off when they pulled out the 24Karat gold outdoor decor. How in the heck can the White House spend SO much on decorations during this budget crisis? My exact Facebook status reads thus: They have 24Karat gold Christmas decorations at the White House, yet they want to take money from Veterans...

In case you haven't heard, Congress is currently voting on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. Now normally, I would be happy that they aren't waiting til the shit hits the fan in January, but this Act takes money from Veterans. As Military Special Needs Network puts it:

Christmas for the Troops came early this year. Congress decided it needed to show the entire military family exactly how much they appreciate the sacrifice, dedication, honor and commitment that our troops, veterans and families show every day. In a special moment of bipartisanship, US Representative Paul Ryan  (R-Wisconsin) and US Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) decided to help balance the budget on the backs of the approximate 1% of the American population who are either active duty or retired military, and lighten our pockets and the terrible burden of our mediocre retirement plan by reducing it further. It’s a Congressional two-fer!

Before anyone even tries to rationalize this, DON'T. Even if you aren't against them reneging on their promises to Veterans, remember this is the tip of the iceberg. If they can steal from America's heroes, who do you think is going to be next? It is time to show Congress that this isn't just a game of Monopoly, and that they are playing with REAL lives... We now have our own voice through social media, and we sure as heck need to start using it. What we are trying to do here, is bring attention to the fact that the Fat Cats on The Hill are trying to cover up their mistakes by stealing from the ONLY Americans that are putting their lives on the line for this country. They promised all Veteran's that they would take care of them, and now the scum are trying to tell them to "Embrace the suck". Our response to that is "Embrace your promise".

Like I said, if you support Veterans that have fought so that you don't have to, please help us get the word out that 'Merica isn't okay with stealing from Vets.

To make this super easy for you, you can directly ReTweet this from right here. It's like magic, I tell ya.

If you can't stand behind them, then we would LOVE to have you stand in front of them.

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