Friday, August 2, 2013

Read This If You Like Kids Or Are Afraid Of Them.

So after just saying that I'm not ready for kids, I learned that I'm REALLY not ready for kids. On Wednesday night, I had a friend in a jam, which lead to me hanging out with a cutie patootie three year old.

You may not know this, but I used to be obsessed with children, and even worked as a nanny and at a daycare to get my kiddo fix. Obviously, this means that I am pretty good with kids, it's just that nowadays, I'm more particular about which children I interact with. Miss Lindsey here, happens to be one of the few that I'm always happy to see, and yet she is still a GREAT form of birth control.

Things I learned:
A three year old is a little person.
She sung me her ABC's, she could unbuckle her carseat {thank goodness she waited for permission}, she was polite, her momma told her she better be good and on the way back to her mom, she said "I can tell momma I was good." I said yes m'am, and was so thankful that she was really good. Sigh of relief.
You can't wait for them to tell you they have to potty. 
She got to playin', and I'm so happy I didn't listen when she said, "No, I'm fine." I was a kid once, I know I never wanted to stop playing either, so I took her juuuuuust in case.
Apples and pickles are an acceptable dinner.
I tried to get her some food when she said she was hungry, but when the server asked what she wanted she only wanted pickles. I offset it with the apple.
Plan an extra 20 minutes for a car ride.
The loading and unloading of the vehicle is definitely different from how I usually hop in and out. Oh, and if said child drops something, you have to stop and get it.
You really need a new car.
We drive big ol' trucks, and they are not conducive to chil'ren. It's no wonder they require everyone to have specific car seats for kids nowadays, and I'm happy I had one. I also wish I would have had a vehicle with better safety standards while transporting precious cargo, and automatic windows would have been nice. We seriously have crank windows and putting them up, down, up, down, over and over, started getting old. I finally told her it broke. It was just a lil' white lie.
Playdates are clutch.
I had to take Weiser to Aunt Amanda's, and Aunt Amanda happens to have a three year old. Those two entertained each other for several hours, and had lots of toys to play with that I didn't have at my house. Not too mention, we got to have girl time too. 
Win/win for everyone!

See that tablet in the left hand corner? That thing is fancier than my iPhone, and they both used it better than I use any electronic device. It's absolutely mind boggling.

I'm going to give Caleb a little shout out too.
This kid is a freakin' charmer, and has too much personality to fit into one person. I can't even tell you how much he surprises everyone with his ability to read people, get EXACTLY what he wants, and keep you laughing for hours. I'd tell you he's my three year old boyfriend, but that sounds weird. Let's just say, this picture says a lot.

The funniest part?
When I took her back to her mom, we climbed out of the truck, and as she jumped into my arms without a warning, she said "I'm done with you." What? Apparently she missed her momma. Good news is she still wants to play again, but yeesh, I thought I was about to get snubbed by a three year old.

Okay, time to go. Wish me luck on singing The National Anthem! Hopefully, it goes well and I can share a video with y'all soon. We shall see ;)


Kait said...

ohhhh! Can't wait to see the video lady friend!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I sang the national anthem once!! Best of luck! The last thing the lil girl said is hilariousssss! You gotta love that age!! When I started nannying twins I realized too that I for sure was not ready for kids. Been a great learning experience but after a 12 hour day...I've got my birth control!

Niken said...

haha 'i'm done with you' - cracks me up. i know what tantrums kids could throw at us. i'm the eldest and my siblings are much younger than me. it used to be so crazy when they were babies (and even now) but sometimes, i feel like i want a baby like now. i must be crazy

Kate Larrabee said...

You may not be ready for your own, but it sounds like your friends are quite lucky to have you on hand! Good luck singing!!

Jenn said...

Kids are definitely entertaining and a chore...and sometimes all at the same time!
Good luck with the National Anthem! I'm sure you'll do great!!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I agree, playdates are magical!

Sparkles and Shoes

Jen said...

That innotab tablet is insane! My niece has one haha.

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles | Living the (hockey) Life said...

LOL I can totally hear a little 3 year old voice saying "I'm done with you!!" too funny!!

LG @ said...

Oh man. I don't think I'm ready for kids but every now and then I get this idea in my head that there will never be a "right time" and maybe I should just get started on the family thing RIGHT NOW. Thank goodness for posts like this to remind me that I am not, as I suspected, anywhere near to being ready for them!!!

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

Kids crack me up and these days it seems as if they are born with attitude and minds of their own! Super cute kiddos pictured here-- I've always loved kids and am great with them.. Got some good news of my own today-- I'm pregnant! So we'll see how I turn out this time around with my own and taking care of it!

Kathryn B said...

Kids are funny! I think it's different with your own as well. :) everyone knows when they are ready :) sounds like you two had a good time together :)

ifs ands Butts said...

haha playdates were literally the biggest life saver when I was an au pair. Before au pairing, I always said I wanted 4 or 5 kids and now I wonder if I ever want any haha.

Anonymous said...

"I'm done with you" haha That's classic. I still don't feel even remotely ready for kids, but when it comes to my niece, those instincts are stronger than ever.

Courtney B said...

Hahahaha... "I'm done with you"! Got to love kids honesty :)
You will be a great momma sommmmmmmeday! Because you and Will gotta have at least ONE! I hope we can meet so that you can play with Mia. She really would be your favorite baby in the world.... she's everyone's favorite :)
Oh and yes, getting in and out of the car is a major pain with a child! And when you upgrade to a new vehicle for your future child ;) (HA!) make sure you get one that has clickers! My car doesn't have clickers so I have to stick the key in to unlock... SO HARD with a carseat and a diaper bag and everything else. You NEED clickers with a baby!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww I bet she just LOVED hanging out with you!

Lisette said...

Haha! Kids say the darnest things!

Jean said...

That is hilarious, "I'm done with you." I work with preschoolers on a daily basis. They really are little people. It's so hilarious.

Kenzie Smith said...

I can relate to all of those things with my son, he is three too :D I couldn't help but laugh at "I'm done with you", kids say the darndest things!
Can't wait to see that video :D

Dinah Gacon said...

I know you will be a good mama someday :) And I think kids have the funniest one liners ever. My niece and nephew crack me up on the regular with the things that come out of their mouths, LOL!!!

xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam


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