Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Feeling Re-Inspired

Mal, Hallie, and Nikki have been having a motivational link up that I have partaken in, and this week we are getting extra inspirational by sharing what inspires us. I'm feeling all kinds'a inspired lately, so I went a bit farther.

Will is athletic by nature and a PT Stud {Physical Training}, and I hated losing time with him when he went to the gym on weekends. Post Deployment, I decided to jump right in and haven't looked back!
The culprit was my slowing metablism.
I also think Colorado is inspiring, because the Altitude makes every day tasks harder. You will ALWAYS be out of breath after taking a few flights of stairs, but you see a difference in your body without even working out as it adjusts. If you add working out into the mix, it just makes it better.
I'm working out six-seven days a week. I do take it easier two-three days a week, but I like to burn the extra calories everyday, and I ALWAYS want the high.
#1 Not having to feel guilty about what I eat (within moderation of course).
#2 Health and that feeling of being 'clean'.
#3 Sculpting my body to look how I never thought it could.

Example of #1: Blating with Sami this week! 
We went to  Benihana's for her first time, and we are going to Cheesecake tonight for dinner. Obviously = LOTS of motivation to work out.

Mal Smiles

You know what else inspires me?
This blog and YOU.

Recently, my posting went from five+ days a week to as low as one day, and y'all are still here. I lost some followers, but who needs puff followers anyways? I'm now getting into a more realistic habit of commenting that I hope will help me become more efficient and less stressed when I open my email to 300+ emails.

"Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome...we need to use it as a platform, creative outlet, free therapy. It's not the about numbers {unless you are or have a goal to make money} or a popularity contest."- Unknown

Maybe one day I will be a SAHW {SAHM's work harder than I do now, so props to ya}, and I will be able to put days on end into this blog, but until then...this is my haven and not my only obligation and/or job. I need to remind myself of that when I worry about whether to answer emails or go for a workout. My health, my husband, and my sanity come first, but you guys are next in my life line ;) This really is a learning process; a great way to learn multitasking and how to prioritize life. Don't ya think?


P!nky said...

I LOVE YOU! and will be here whether you post once a week or 23048203 times a week!

You go with your workouts girl!


Jamie said...

I'm not going anywhere! Love that you're re-inspired!

Erin said...

Send some of this work out inspiration over to me because the only thing that inspires me to go to the gym is for the fact that I pay 65 doll hairs a month for it.

And send some hibachi while you're at it too why don't ya!

The Pink Growl said...

It's always good to take a break from your blog! I've never been to Benihana's either so come take me! XOXO

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Feeling motivated! This is great :) And where in Colorado are you!? We will be moving there next year!

Harlem Green said...

at first when I started my blog I was worried about gaining followers and always trying to get more. Thats time comsuming and unreal. Lol. Now I dont really care. I say workout then answer emails. The gym is my world away from my world.

Nikki said...

LOVE this! Love your priorities!

Nikki said...

PS. No matter how often you post or dont post I will be here for you momma!

Jen said...

Love this my friend! :)

Jenn said...

YOU inspire me! :)

Cece said...

Nice perspective on the whole blogging thing and exercise. I've really gotten into exercise too and it feels good! As for blogging I don't think I've ever posted 5 days a week and that was fine with me. You don't have to post 5 days a week to be a blogger. It's all about balance.

Nicole said...

Agreed! It's always about making your priorities! And the ones that truly care, will always be here, no matter what :) I appreciate the people who take breaks from blogging once in awhile, because it means their priorities are with the husbands/kids/jobs/etc.

Illegally Blonde said...

Love you no matter how many posts!

Blush and Barbells said...

You are awesome. That is all.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today and I'm re-inspired. I need it! And hey, when blogging stops being fun and more of a shore, then its time to take a break. I lost followers too but the real ones always stick around! And now I'm following you! ;)

Kenzie Smith said...

I'll follow you no matter how many posts you post ;D
Love the re-inspiration!

Kathryn B said...

I don't think it matters how often you blog as long as you're happy with your blog :) I have to agree, who needs "puff followers"

Mallory said...

I love gym time with the hubs too! He always makes me work harder than I work on my own! Also, super jealous of your blate with Sami.... threeway blate soon?!

Modern Camelot said...

Good for you for working out! My husband does almost every day...I really should start to join him :-/

Anonymous said...

I've got lots of catching up to do. I hope you guys had fun at dinner!


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