Friday, June 29, 2012

Final Check In & MDH Hair Tutorial!!

Oh boy, what a week this has been...Definitely not how I pictured it.
An emotional roller coaster at best, but we are making it.

So you all know about the The Messy Challenge, right?
In case you don't, it is a challenge to "embrace the mess", and embrace life's imperfections, while ridding yourself of insecurities.  I highly advocate this, because we all think we have to be perfect all the time, and what we don't realize- is that we are already perfect by just being ourselves.
In fact, watch this video to understand more.

I happen to have been participating in this before Kelly made it "cool"{thank goodness she has},
but I did it because I have REALLY long hair, that is a pain in the @ss to wash.
Luckily, quite a few years ago, someone suggested the use of baby powder to me, and I ran with it.
I have talked about it on the blog and have gotten many questions, so as prompted by Alana, I created a Baby Powder Tutorial!

And yes...those would be the mirror decals that I put up for my love for Valentine's Day.
They remind me of him, so I haven't had the heart to take them down.

Think about how much you will save on your water bill by cutting your shower time in half, using less shampoo/conditioner, and not buying dry shampoo!
Speaking of saving...How'd we do this week?

BWS tips button

As most of you know, I was cooped up all week, so I didn't have ANY spending issues.
In fact, the only money I spent was getting gas on the way to drop off donations to the evacuees, and veggies at the Farmer's Market.

Gas: $42
Farmer's Market: $8
Residual: $100
Virtual Piggy Bank: $369

That means that in one month, I saved almost $400 ABOVE what I usually save!
I understand that not everyone can or will have these results, but I want you to see that it is possible. I don't live frugally out of necessity. I do it for comfort and security.
I don't know about you, but I find money stress to be the worst, so why go through that?

A short recap of my Budget Plan:

Subtract bills and expenditures from monthly income, subtract savings goal from that, and the remainder can be "fun" money! Do you know what "fun" money means? It means you don't have to feel guilty! I wish I could explain it so that you would jump right in, but you won't ever understand how great it feels until you are able to truly embrace your frugal side.
Have power over your money, don't let it have power over you.

I have to say, even though there weren't a lot of link ups, I was quite impressed with all of the people that participated! It was awesome to know that we were inspiring bloggers that we didn't even know. For future reference, I am always happy to help with budgeting, so if anyone has any more questions or needs motivation, feel free to ask. I want you to all feel the freedom that I do.
{end cheesy rant}

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, but take some time to think of the soldiers, and send positive thoughts our way.  It's going to be mid-July before they have full fire containment, so let's just hope that we maintain zero casualties.
* soul lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire.*

*Update #2...I'm beginning to realize that a lot of people don't know about the soldiers and shooting in  Fort Bragg. You can read that unfortunate story here, and my thoughts and prayers go out to their families, and the Fort Bragg community.*


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Thinking about the family of the lost Soldier, I'm so sorry dear.

Mrs. Robinson said...

Thinking about the family who lost their Soldier....

I want to watch your vlog but I'm at work & I can't. =( BUT I will say that I love the baby powder trick when my high lights are fresh. Otherwise, it makes my hair look ashy. They do make colored powders, though. I just stick with dry shampoo!

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

May have to participate in this saving money thing! I think it could do me some good!!! :) And I can't watch the tutorial at work but will definitely give it a view once I am home!! Can't wait!

Alana Christine said...

You are just too cute! Now that I know how to use the baby powder, maybe I can start using it instead of dry shampoo! Also, a trick to get rid of static is to run a dryer sheet through your hair! Sounds strange, but it works. I keep them in my purses and coat pockets just in case ; ).
My thoughts are with the family who lost a Soldier!

Jamie said...

So sorry to hear of the fallen soldier and all of the fires you guys are having to deal with!

I love using baby powder on my hair. I remember when my mom first told me about it in middle school. I woke up too late to take a shower and I was freaking out about how gross my hair looked, but she had a miracle in baby powder! :)

Courtney B said...

Baby powder is the BEST thing ever! But girls with dark hair should definitely use dry shampoo instead of baby powder.
I love how much you're saving!! Ah, such an inspiration!
And I hope this weekend totally makes up for your rough week. Sending so much love your way!!

Nicole said...

My favorite part of money/budgets is when you happen to get an extra paycheck one month because of how the pay schedule works out...this was one of those months for us! We'll be using that to pay off some bills-such a great feeling!

Alice said...

Way to go!!! It's a process for me trying to budget for 5 people and all the unexpected things that come up with the kiddos. I probably only saved $50 a week and that was spent somewhere else. hahaha. Story of my life. The good news is that by 2021 I'll be able to spend the "school clothes" budget however I please! :)

Sarah said...

You are SO cute!!! I love watching your vlogs :) You seriously have the best hair ever. I'm jealous. Maybe when I come visit we can have a hair day?! yes? ;)

I'm keeping you in my thoughts pretty girl!!
Love you!!!

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

I'm all about having power over money instead of vice versa. I don't make a lot of money and I used to make even less but because of my money habits I've always managed to be okay. I'm teaching my husband the same ways. I'm in charge of our budget!!

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

i have been using baby powder for years! it's such a great way to keep your hair healthy and get rid of all the oil.

congrats on all the money saved. i'm so jealous! don't know what my problem is but i can't save a dime.

have a good weekend. hope your emotional roller coaster goes away.

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

ahhhhh! i loved the shoutout! janna you are beyond beautiful! you have such gorgeous hair & it looks FABULOUS for a few days not washing!! love love love! great video, its funny ive actually never used the stuff & i always wondered how i'd go about putting it in my hair. now i know so thank you! and i love the song in the background, good choice!!! your vlogs make me happy. have a great weekend lover!! seriously need to come to CO. hope everyting is going okay w/ the fires. Ive been praying for you!!!! love youuuuuu!

Nicole said...

I've always wondered how the whole baby powder thing works. I don't wash my hair every day, well if you saw my hair you'd understand why :). I have curly, straight and wavy plus volume like no one's business... I so have perfect fro hair! haha! So the less I wash it the better it behaves :). But I wash it every other day or every 3 and most people look on the 2nd and 3rd days and compliment my hair. ha! I should try the baby powder thing though :) See if could prolong it even longer. Yeah I'm lazy :)

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