Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lazy, Sleepy, Relaxing, Beautiful Saturday...

I have been working far too much lately to get my mind off Will being gone for training.  Thank goodness we had that little trip last weekend, but even that took a lot out of me.  Since then, I have worked, had to travel to Denver (all by myself), been organizing the house and baking for/attending Birthday parties. All of that is exactly why I refuse to get out of my pj's or leave the house today!  I am on strike from the world ;)

Thus far this morning, I was awakened by a phone call from Will (which was much needed), made some extra yummy coffee, ate leftover Benihana's fried rice (super yum) and watched Julie and Julia.  It has been the best start to my morning.  Since Will hasn't been getting the best reception we have pretty much been incommunicado.  That has made the distance even harder, but it also makes the conversations we do have, that much more special.  I'm so used to relying on his ear, that when I can't talk to him I don't know who to talk to...I can talk to my best friend, which is in some ways better, but in others...just not the same.  Luckily, he was a wonderful listener this morning <3

Other than that, Netflix and blogging will be my companions today.  I just finished Julie and Julia (cute) and now i'm on to Serious Moonlight with Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton.  Since I am not good at watching t.v. without doing something (A.D.D.), I am engaging my hands with this post.  I did have to watch the end of the first movie three times because I kept forgetting to pay attention, but that is to be expected, I guess.  By the way, Meg Ryan just kidnapped her husband in this movie because he tried to leave her for another woman. I think this one's gonna be a good one.  Maybe I should try to pay attention...I guess I'll just leave you with some photos from last weekend!

Reunited with my BFF!!!

Reunited with my BESTIE <3


it doesn't get any better...
Her first time! She did awesome ;)

the condo :&gt;

And last, but most certainly not least,
The condo where we stayed!

It's always a good time in Aspen. Wanna go?

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