Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pregnancy Bucketlist

Now that this pregnancy is coming to an end, I can share how we ended up making the most of this experience. I wish I could tell you that we have a baby already, but she's STILL hanging in there. In fact, I think she has grabbed onto my ribs and is hanging on for dear life, because that's what it feels like. However, don't be surprised if you see something popping up via other social media in the next day or two. I think the stork may be a'comin!

When I asked everyone what were our must do's during the pregnancy, everyone agreed on date nights, movies, and stocking up on sleep. I figured these were some good tips, but it wasn't enough for me. I'm not one of those people that thinks our life will be over when we have a baby, but I am embracing the fact that our priorities will change. Luckily, even before we knew we were pregnant we soaked up every minute of fun and will always savor the memories.

Throw a party {or three}.
Try new things.
Bike ride while you still have balance.
Whip up a labor intensive recipe that you won't be able to enjoy with a newborn.
Dance even if it's superdeeduper awkward with a belly.
Run {or walk} a 5K.
Wear a bikini while no one can judge you.
Go on at LEAST one adventure.
Volunteer in some capacity.
Visit any theater...movies, musical, comedy, and/or thespian.
Get a tattoo...j/k, but I did do this by accident. Whoops.
Date nights, both on the town and cuddled on the couch.
Enjoy fun in the sun and water whenever you can.
Travel until your doctor grounds you.

It's strange to think that a year ago I was sending Will off to Survival Training and a month apart. So much has changed in that year, and I can't believe the memories that we've made. Some of the best times of our marriage have actually happened while we've been pregnant, and still I know even better memories are to come. Once Charlie gets here, it's like we get to experience life with her all over again, and I can't wait.


Jen said...

I really can't believe how fast the time has gone by! :)

P!nky said...

So close to go time!

Mandie said...

I hope that she decides to let go of your ribs real quicklike & makes her appearance.

Mandie ~

Helene in Between said...

you have really done so many fun things- only more bucketlist fun to come :)

courtney jones said...

I hope she makes her appearance very soon! I am so excited for you and she will definitely be here shortly.

Elise Cooper said...

I love you outlook on embracing every aspect of life during every season. Going to have to remember to make up a pregnancy bucketlist when the times comes.

Amanda said...

Haha I love that get a tattoo is on here. I can't believe she is almost here. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Ok, how exactly does one get a tattoo by "accident"??

Kendel Maxwell said...

I can't believe how quick this has flown by (in my eyes at least). Ha. Insane! I was 100% expecting a "She's here!" post when I clicked on your blog this morning. Can't wait to see that post! Eeeep! I will be keeping my eyes peeled!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh my goodness! And now she's here!! And she is beautiful! So glad you guys got to have so many wonderful adventures in the months leading up to her arrival. :)

Melissa @ Life of LaRose said...

Congratulations on your new little one!! :)

<3 Melissa

Kait said...

I'm so excited to follow your adventure as a mom! I know you guys will be terrific parents :)


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