Saturday, March 31, 2012


Have you ever put in a captcha- and either guessed on the letter or were pretty sure you hit the wrong key, but it went through anyways?

I decided to put it to the test:

Yep, that's an "l" instead of a "d"
I'm sneaky like that.
Oh...and looky here:

I knew y'all wouldn't believe me, since you didn't believe me when I told you that the blog world HATES captchas. So BAM. There you go.

I think that is what you might call a false sense of security...just sayin'.

Don't get mad at me for this, because in spite of the fact that I HATE your captchas, I still comment on your blogs. It's only fair that I get to vent about it.
Am I right, or am I right?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Florida: It's Happening.

I'm leavin'...
On a jet plane...
Don't know when I'll be back again.

Hello Beautiful Pensacola! I hope that you are ready for me...

Can't wait to give my daddy a squeeze!!

I only wish my BABE was coming too :(

I will be reunited with my favorite people, and we will be celebrating my parents 20TH Anniversary! 
(Dad and step-mom, but she's more than that ;)

I have a puppy sitter, a ride to the airport. and I'm {mostly} packed.
I have to leave the house at 4AM, so I hope I can get to bed early tonight.
Oy Vey
I have some fun lined up for the next week, which will leave me plenty of time to keep up with y'all.
It is vacation, so I SHOULD take a break, but I'll miss y'all too much!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fried Pickles and Paul Mitchell

Not that I haven't enjoyed working extra with my lovelies and keeping busy, 
but think I am starting to get burnt out.
Two days off in three weeks just ain't cuttin' it.

So what's been occupying my time?
Well, obviously BLOGGING...

Walking the dog each morning and finding inspiration along the way.

 Making Fried Green Tomatoes FROM SCRATCH!
{The secret's in the sauce-marinade actually- I'll share soon}

And I finally went to Paul Mitchell to see my friend Chrisitn!

Don't worry-It was just a trim! 
I'll have to tell you all about the school- it was super fun!

At the moment, I don't have a voice.  I REALLY hope this is just allergies, and will be remedied for next week. Crossin' my fingers!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ultimate Wedding Weekend: We Eloped, Part 4

We have made it all the way to the "Reception"!                                Part 3

Hosted by Natasha @ Hello! Happiness.

I'm sure that you have realized at this point, that a typical reception, wasn't in the works.
Let's just call it the "after party", shall we?

Welcome to picture overload, which begins directly after the big smooch. 

Will and his new family!
(Whether he likes it or not ;)

(couldn't have pulled this day off without her!)

In case you were wondering, Will picked out what I was going to wear ;)

Now let the fun begin!

Throwing the bouquet!

The boys wanted in on the action too!

Katie caught the bouquet, but she better not be getting married anytime soon.
(I'm pretty sure I was stating this very same sentiment to her boyfriend in this picture)

We fight a lot, but I do love my lil' sis.

After that we adjourned to our pool, ate lots of yummy food that my mom prepared, toasted with champagne and savored the day with our lovely friends and family!

Who doesn't want to drink champagne in a fun floaty on their wedding day?

Wanna know the juiciest part?

The people that "witnessed" the wedding knew about it...the people that showed up for the "After Party", thought it was an "Engagement Pool Party". 
Can you imagine how hard it was to keep my mouth shut when all I wanted to do was shout from the rooftop-

I'm Married!!!!

This would be my sister...Don't ask.

Not gonna lie...I might have gotten a pretty darn good buzz goin' on...
But I was safe in his arms, without a care in the world.

I wouldn't have had it any other way ;)

Come back Friday for the final wrap up and more about the details of our day!
If you have any questions or anything you'd like me to address, comment or email them and I will give you a shout out! 

AttenciĆ³n, AttenciĆ³n!
I will be going HOME next week, so I would be happy to have few of you guest post!
I'm opening it up to see who would be interested...leave a comment or send me an email.

Let me tell you I have two posters so far, and I am SO ecstatic that my two idols agreed! I won't reveal who they are, but they rhyme with A Llama Admires & Satisfiers and Wacky Gladness...
If you guess, before you click- you get extra brownie points ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Made The Jump...

And started a Facebook Page!
It's only in the beginning stages, but I still need your support.

Wanna know the other reason you should head over?
#1 A video that will NEVER be seen on this blog- BIG deal, I know ;)
#2 I dedicated an album to Will's Basic Training photos and they are pretty funny.
I mean, I know all of you are DYING to know what Army Basic Training is like!

Once I get things a little more figured out and build up some wonderful followers (that would be YOU), I think I just might do a giveaway....It's been long enough.
I might do a product giveaway (hint hint crafty bloggers) or I have a few things that might be of interest that I have been saving. Either way- it'll be a party. Hehe.

I also want to get more into Bloglovin', so feel free to follow me Here, as well.
I'm going on twelve followers, so I am BIG time nowadays! what am I forgetting?


Sometimes: I don't know if I want to tackle all of this Social Media.
Always: I find it easier to connect with other Bloggers on Twitter and Facebook, so I'm takin' a crack at it!

Sometimes: I get behind on reply emails (like lately, but totally gettin' caught up).
Always: Things like captchas, Google + profiles not linking to blogs, and redirecting comment forms make the process take FOREVER.

Sometimes: Those stupid Captchas piss me the EFF off.
Always: I wish that everyone would turn them off, so that the blog world would be a better place.
(If you are worried about spam- just turn off your anonymous comments)

Sometimes: I can't comment on blogs because you don't have a "Pop Up" comment form.
Always: That is another simple fix, to ensure your future comments.

Sometimes: I click on a blog and music blares at me.
Always: I practically pee my pants and drop my computer.

Sometimes: I get a bit of a 'tude when the hubs is gone.
Always: It's not my fault. Reference below....

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

YOU try to be "happy" all the time, in these conditions...
I guarantee you will be as feisty as me before you know it!
Let's just hope that I get passed this stage before I beat up a costumer.
Womp, Womp, Woooomp.

Those of you that have Google+, there are some profiles that won't allow us to see the blog link.  I want to comment back on your lovely blogs, so let's fix this!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ultimate Wedding Week: We Eloped, Part 3

First off, Desiree @ Mama And Her Boys will be posting a guest post from yours truly, so you should DEFINITELY go check out my insanity...I MIGHT have gone a little Cray-Cray over there, but I guess you will have to see for yourself!

Next up: 

You will find Natasha @ Schue Love is our fabulous hostess today!

Hot topic: The Ceremony

Mr. George Strait will be narrating for me.
His song "True", says it all.

True in this modern world when two lovers get together
Chances of ’em making it to forever

Couldn't be better than two in a million hearts
Girl this ain’t just another run of the mill emotion

What I’m feeling is devotion
My love for you is true

True like the sun comin’ up each morning
Bright as a light in a baby’s smile

Sure as a mountain river windin’
Right as the rain fallin’ from the sky

Girl my love for you is true

True, not another minute on this earth can be borrowed

So there’s no way to know when I’ll live my last tommorow

But everyday I get, I’ll share with you

This feelin’ just keeps gettin’ stronger as time goes by

It’s written on my face, you can see it in my eyes

My love for you is true

My love for you is true

Mr. and Mrs. Bogert
Est. April 24. 2010.

So what would be my tips for your ceremony?
Remember that it is YOUR day and it should be focused on your love, not on what Aunt Martha the old bitty thinks of your hors d'oeuvres.  We had begun planning a traditional wedding, but quickly figured out Hallelujah!, that wasn't for us.  
The event planner in me, wanted to have the most fabulous wedding EVER.
The young lover in me, just needed to dedicate my life to this man.
As quickly, and as efficiently, as possible.

That is all for today!
 Can't give away anything else because we have two more days left!
Y'all come back now...ya here?


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