Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dani's Graduating!

I am so proud of one of my bestest-est friends, and I apologize- but I have to brag on her ;)  
Today, she is graduating from her Vascular Sonography Program at Nova Southeastern University, which makes her kind of a big deal!

Through college and sorority days to spring breaks and heart breaks- we have been there for each other.  We have such an unassuming friendship that knows not of hate, unfairness or jealousy and has only grown stronger since we have been separated by thousands of miles.  Well, maybe not stronger, but it's enabled me to see how unyielding our friendship is despite the conditions.

In a nut shell:
She's the cheese to my mac, the mint to my chocolate and the whipped cream that tops my strawberries!
I hope that you all have a best friend that is half as good as she has become <3

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kinect Was A Good Investment

So the other night, we were supposed to go "out" with our friends, but decided that we would rather not spend the money and act like fools in our own home #awayfromjudgement.

Obviously, the Kinect seemed like the perfect activity, and we were right!  We grabbed some snacks and refreshments, and it was GAME-ON! 

Of course, the more ridiculous the photos, the better...duh.  I'll try to add the videos, but they aren't playing nice!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Wedding Ring is A Part Of Me Now...

More than two weeks ago, two baby stones fell out of my ring, and I was devastated!  This had never happened before, so I didn't know what I would have to do to get it repaired, but in comes my husband to the rescue!!  He called the jeweler, and co-designer of the ring, and sent it out that very day to be restored!  Varujan was so good about it-fixing it quickly and efficiently and then returning my treasure to me!!

I arrived home yesterday after a not-so-good day, and when Will pulled out my beautiful and breathtaking treasure, it made my day ALL better ;)

I feel complete again <3

Please visit Varujan's website and witness the beauty for yourself!  You may want him to create your next jewelry piece ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

STURGIS 2011- Life Changing

I have a whole new respect for Sturgis and Bike Rallies now.  I'm sure that I cannot fully convey it with words, but essentially-  I learned more about freedom, freedom of expression and acceptance than I ever thought possible.  These people go to let loose, mingle with people of like-minds and celebrate a life style that I only now fully understand.  Before, when I thought of bikers, I thought of gangs, rough and tumble guys, violence and leather.  Now, I think of free spirits, artistic souls, open-minded-and yet-guarded citizens and of course...leather.  Everyone should attend a rally at some point, and if you really want the full experience-  work a job at the rally.  You will have a new respect for your own job and how much easier it is!

Here are a few pictures of my Biker Adventure:

We had to ride a shuttle 29 miles to and from work everyday
=New respect for people who take public transportation.

That's time and dedication!  Made me smile everyday!

Bikes, Bikes EVERYWHERE!

For my husband:

Lots of pretty co-workers!

Got to enjoy the Blackhills everyday....

These people got offered $250,000 for their tiny lot and shanty and they said no....That's dedication to Sturgis, right there!

I told you they were pretty:

We have the same eyes!:

An experience I can never, and will never, forget.

There were a few "tags" on the bus at the beginning, but by the end the ceiling was COVERED.

Oh and by the way,  I randomly met Jerry Springer to top it all off.
This trip was just pure randomness, so I'm not surprised lol

(Several items in this post have been blurred for privacy protection)

Now, unfortunately I have to go to my "real job".  I'm not sure I know how to act "normal" anymore...This could be interesting... ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheatin' On My Apparel Diet...One Jumper Can't Hurt

So if you read this post, then you saw that I have bought a few articles of clothing...GASP!  But what about T.G.A.A.D (read about it here), you ask?  Well, I have found that a girl needs at least a bit of shopping in her shorts didn't fit this summer, so I needed at least a couple of pairs of those, I have found sweaters and jackets on sale- which you just DON'T pass up when you live in Colorado and if I find an insanely good deal on my favorite tanks or something that is just too good to pass up, then I can't!  But in my opinion- this "Apparel Diet"  isn't about those purchases.  I believe that it's to make an impact on the over-priced market, to teach ones self the difference between what you need and what you want and to just reduce your carbon footprint over all.  Lemme tell you, if I'm right- then I am still on the T.G.A.A.D. bandwagon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Breakfast Eggo S'mores!

I don't know a single person that doesn't need more S'mores in their life, so I feel that I must share my spur of the moment-concoction. 
I had actually gone down to make breakfast with the intention of trying out a recipe for Tofu French toast, but then realized that Will had made me BBQ Tofu with it as a surprise. #obviouslycan'tbemad. what?
I searched the cabinets...then the fridge...then the pantry...and finally- as a last ditch effort- the freezer.  Helloooo- Eggos!  Where had you been all my life!

As I was pulling them out, I caught a glimpse of the enticing Jet-Puffed Marshmallow bag and thus-
 The S'more concoction began.

It only took two marshmallows #Iwishitwereten

Then I "roasted" them under the broiler, which browned them nicely, and drizzled with chocolate and maple syrup. How could anyone say no to these? 

 Especially since it's like eating two oversized S'mores for a fourth of the calories!  That's what you call win/win.  Now go try 'em and get ready for fall, cuz it's COMIN'!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enjoy This Before Summer Is Over!

~Fresh Strawberry Lemonade~
Feelin' the heat this summer?  Me too!  So let's just whip up a frosty beverage :)

Grab a Mason jar (with a lid), a handful of strawberries and some powdered lemonade.  You are more than welcome to squeeze some fresh lemons, but I like Special K's K20 flavored lemonade mix with protein and fiber for an easy fix.

Slice up the strawberries to make them easier to mix.

Then muddle them in the jar with a muddler or anything that you can fit down in the jar that'll mush em'.

Pour desired amount of water, the powder and ice.
Fasten on the lid and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!
That'll make sure that it all gets properly mixed.

Add a fun straw and drink UP!!

Don't you like my Irish Wake Mason Jar?  I'm representing Pensacola, Florida!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Leaving My Loved Ones

This is my "I'm sad I'm leaving face"...Can't you tell?

I HATE leaving Will and Weiser for even a few days, so ELEVEN?!  I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!  I can only hope that I will be a busy bee and working my life away to keep my mind off them...

I may only be thankful, for the simple fact that I have them for the rest my life and these 11 days are merely a blip on our life-line <3  Things could always be worse...
Forgive my sappy-ness, but I'd rather be sappy than not having anything in my life to be sappy about.
Thankful, I am.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Target's Got Some Sales Goin' On!

You know that symbol...We ALL know that symbol.  I'm also sure that we all have a love/hate relationship with it as well.  Honestly, I think that is really one of those hypnotizing symbols... 
Just like this one:

Because I always feel a force pullin' me towards that store, even if I don't need a dang thing!

Case in point:  We had a perfectly good XBOX 360 and although we had been toying around with the idea of selling it to upgrade to the Kinect, we had NOT committed to the idea.  That is until I took a peek in the Target Ads and found the Kinect Bundle for only $399.99 PLUS a $50 Target GIFT CARD!

Yep...I'm a sucker.

But I'm not gonna lie, I got to pick up some CUTE stuff with my gift card ;)

Which were all on clearance, BY THE WAY.
(Even the bath mat and ironing board I got we're on sale.  Didn't think you needed a pick of those.)

Wanna know what's even better?  Will put the old console on CraigsList before we left the house, and by the time we got home he'd sold it for $100 BUCKS.  That means we really got it for $250!  Hopefully, I sound like less of a sucker now...


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