Friday, February 27, 2015

I Cut SIX Inches Off My Hair

TGIF! Can I say that now? Technically I have a job...
I may have today off already, but still I'm happy it's Friday. Actually, I'll be happy when it's next Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to volunteer in the morning, baby shower in the afternoon, shoot to Pensacola to sign our FIRST set of tenants, tie up loose ends at the house, back to Enterprise to attend meetings Monday morning, more volunteering, work, and then a HUGE community service event Tuesday. I. Can't. Wait. For. Wednesday.

Okay, so normally I wouldn't be due for a haircut until um...May or something because I'm cheap I just don't care to get my hair cut often. However, due to the current climate of my life, my hair has grown like Kudzu vine. As such, it doesn't look like I cut 6 inches off, but it is the shortest it has been in years and I think I like it.

Other than busy {as usual} and lopping my hair off, we have found our tenants and will hopefully have the paperwork finalized in time for March 1st rent (whoopwhoop), I FINALLY ordered the free pair of Ariat boots I won several months ago, and CQB is now about 13oz. I still don't feel pregnant in spite of the itty bitty baby bump, but I do get more excited by the day. Homegirl is taking over our lives, and I'm completely okay with that. ;)

In closing, I'm ecstatic that The Voice is back on. It's one of the very few shows that I actually look forward to, and it leaves me with a perma-smile every time. The raw talent, the ambition, the camaraderie, and watching the coaches humbled by these newbs gets me every time. I always catch myself still as a statue, mouth wide open, and a huge goofy grin to boot while I watch. If you've never watched it- you are missing out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Valentine's Meets Mardi Gras

I was a happy pregger after Will setup a firepit, cooked cedar plank salmon and wings, and roasted me s'mores, so when he told me Valentine's was going to continue into Fat Tuesday I was over the moon about it. Being as my mom is from Louisiana,  Mardi Gras holds a big place in my heart and I love that we are in the South to celebrate it. People celebrated in Colorado while we were there, but it just ain't the same, y'all ;)

Since we had our appointment on Tuesday, he planned for us to stay on the Bay in Fairhope Monday night. We stayed at Emma's Bay House, which I can't say enough good things about and even got to attend the annual Fairhope parade in their quaint little downtown area. We walked the bay, explored the B&B, we he had drinks at McSharry's Pub, dined on Italian at Pinzone's, and Will caught me Moon Pies at the parade! Let's be honest...that's all I wanted, so everything else was a super duper bonus.

As you know, the appointment went well, so then it was time to get our Fat Tuesday celebration on! He even chose the Berney Fly on Government St. as our second B&B because it was close enough for us to walk to the parade route. It's so adorable that he thinks of everything ;) Technically, we didn't actually witness the parade after realizing the unruly crowd was a bit much for me in this condition, but we did have a bangin' dinner on Dauphin Street and I got a WHOLE King Cake to mySELF. Okay, okay, I took most of it home, but it was aaaall mine! I also found the baby in the first bite, so I take it as good luck.

Will definitely over did it on planning all this and I definitely gave a few side eyes at him, but I was so thankful that he wanted us to have such a special trip 'before baby'. It was THE perfect way to take the pressure off from the impending appointment, celebrate the crazyiness life has thrown at us, and truly enjoy each other's company while making memories of two before we are three. No matter what, he's my everything, and CQB is a glorious extension of that.

For everyone that said "Ew" when we said we were moving to your hearts out ;) You just don't know what you are missing out on here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Got A J-O-B!

Okay, so maybe calling it a 'job' is a stretch, but I am getting paid and that's what matters. A month ago, I saw a fellow MilSpouse was looking for someone to meet their kids when they get off the bus and keep them alive until their dad gets home. I hadn't been looking for a job and haven't been a nanny in ten years, but I figured "why not?"

On top of that, I've been learning to run this investment house of ours, and that might actually start paying off today too. I'd had some interest, but no solid tenant options until this weekend. A friend suggested I share it on, and hot damn my phone and email has been blowing up! I had to schedule an open house to accommodate the 30+ people that have contacted me, and my dear old dad is going to run the showing for us. He's never done anything like this, so I hope it doesn't overwhelm him.

We honestly owe him a lot after all he's helped us with during this process. He built us new drawers to give us more storage in the kitchen, he's been back and forth checking every detail, and he and Will saved us hundreds of dollars by putting up all the blinds. Speaking of...blinds are holy expensive, and custom fitting them? oy vey... It really didn't take us long to get it all done with the three of us, but now I see why people pay big bucks to have them installed.

Today feels like a good day...a good day to start a fun part time gig and a great day to find a worthy tenant for our little investment home. Show me the monnnaaaayyyyy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Patting Myself On The Back

I was blown away when I got Volunteer of the month for FRCSC back in August, but now I'm just speechless after getting a POST WIDE award from the Commander! You can read about it in the Army Flier {C1-3}, but basically I was recognized along with some other AMAZING co-volunteers for our service as part of the Volunteer Corp. I didn't even know what a Spouse Club was when we moved here, and now I'm happy to be an integral be needed.

The best part was they tried to surprise me and told Will about it two weeks early to make sure he was there to support me. I know it doesn't compare to the absolutely incredible things he has done in his career, but he knows that I volunteer on post to represent him, learn more about the Army, and make him proud. I'd like to think that makes us a good team.

I probably won't be able to do as much come baby time, but I hope to always be involved. Other spouses tell me that they don't know enough about the military to get involved on post, but how else do you think you learn? On the job training is the best kind, and although I may not have gotten paid for volunteering, I definitely got invaluable information, experience, and lasting friendships in return. That and a sweet VOQ parking pass coupled with bragging rights ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Finally Saw The Specialist!

Hello from Mardi Gras! You may assume we are in Nola, but we are actually finishing up our trip to the original birthplace of Mardi Gras, which is good ol' Mobile, Alabama.

I'd love to tell you all about it, but we've been off the grid at quaint little B&B's that barely have wifi. I figured I'd just check in and tell you that our appointment with the Specialist went AMAZING, and they confirmed we have a healthy baby girl with all the right working parts! They still want to monitor her, but that's fine with me because I get to see her at least two more times via ultrasound in the next four months or so. On top of that they confirmed that I most likely won't have a high-risk delivery and they aren't worried about a single thing with my health. Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers, y'all. I think it paid off.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Funny Valentine

I love celebrating love as most of you know, and that's why we've been celebrating our dating anniversary since year one. Eventually the celebration was upgraded to include our engagement anniversary and it just so happens to be two days before Valentine's Day, so's just one big ball of love. Now to top it all off, we've added baby news to the mix, so we might as well lump that in, because why not. I had actually mentioned that maybe we shouldn't put too much effort in this year with everything going on until Will pointed out that it's our first Valentine's with Baby Bogert, and thus we should be celebrating. Can't argue that!

So the surprise I mentioned Wednesday? I've started to POP! I had my backdrop all ready, so it was about dang time. It's funny, I actually bought that crib spring before I knew I was preggers, and it turned out perfect for bump pics. And speaking of the bump, I have started a little side blog to do bump dates and a place where I can document a lot of the baby 'stuff'. I won't be ignoring the fact that I'm pregnant on here, but I know that not everyone wants to read every detail of le baby. For those that are interested check out the Halfway Bump Date today.

But let's get back to le hubby. I've really been falling in love with him all over again these last few weeks, and I'm so happy to celebrate that this weekend. It's true when they say your heart grows to hold more love instead of the baby taking it away from them. The trick, though, is making sure we show each other that we are still a priority. I don't actually know what he has planned, but he says he has it covered. I'm pretty sure that as long as I'm snuggled up with my two loves, I'll be a happy girl. And chocolate...chocolate is welcome too ;)

And because this has been on my mind this week...

I've never actually watched the 1970's show That Girl, but the other morning I was up at the crack of dawn and it was the best option. It was a cute episode about an engaged couple going to marriage counseling after their first fight. The part that got me was that her father stepped in and told her you shouldn't hire someone to build you a cabinet, when you can take pride in doing it yourself. It struck me because I do think that one of the biggest problems in a relationship is the 'disposable' factor these days. Everything is disposable, replaceable, upgradable, and that is extremely dangerous when it comes to love. We put forth effort into careers, social media, blogging, DIY, and yet most won't use that same energy in their relationship, which is something we all need to keep in mind.

You can get a new pair of pants in your relationship ladies, but the same skirt is still going to be there. Work on yourselves, build your relationship together, and don't outsource your love.

PS. Link up your Valentine's post with Sweet Helene and Sarah!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's Almost Worse Than Bad News?

Not getting any news. We have to wait ONE more week to go to the doctor after some unforeseen events, and it's killing us to wait one more week to see her and ease our minds. Although, all of your sweet comments on Mondays post are definitely helping ;) All the extra love, positivity, and prayers definitely can't hurt.

On a positive note, we did manage to find a mommy mobile for me this past weekend. We knew a two door GTO and an old pickup truck with zero safety features weren't going to cut it, so Will gave up his beloved GTO for me to have a safe four door. Yes, he gets MAJOR brownie points for that, and around these parts brownie points are everything. Thanks babe!

I never thought I'd 'want' a Volvo, but I've kind of been crushing on them for the past year or so. Reliable, good on gas, sporty, and those safety features really can't be beat:

The funny part was that unbeknownst to us, we bought it from a famous author and entrepreneur. Their humongo house was the first tip off, but then it was hard to miss the pictures of himself on the wall along with awards and whatnot. Bill and his wife were super nice, they shared a lot about their businesses and family, and it all made for an exciting afternoon. I tried to take more pictures, but I wasn't trying to come off all fangirl. Let's just say, their house was magazine worthy, and I should have just asked for a tour.

The PILE of fried seafood we had after was quite exciting too, but the picture of that is on Will's phone. Let me tell you, that pile fed us BOTH for two days. I definitely retained some extra water weight after all that, but hey, it was worth it. I promise I'm not 'eating for two', but we have been eating out a bit too much lately with all the 'celebrations'. Now we've got to reign it in, because I've gotta keep nourishing this baby. Well...Valentine's and Mardi Gras will probably hinder that a bit, but I'm still going to try after the King Cake!

Any of you have good plans for Valentine's Day? We don't have anything set in stone, but I just want to snuggle and relax with Will. Although, I guess I have two Valentine's this year, which does make it extra special. I even have a Valentine's Day surprise involving her that hopefully I can show y'all Friday. Can't wait!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Halfway To Me!

Welp, I've made it to the official halfway mark in this pregnancy, and yet it feels like it just started...Maybe because there was a party in my belly that I just caught on to, but that's neither here nor there. I'll have to start taking real progression pictures, but I was thinking I should 'pop' before I got serious with them. Who knows when that will happen, so perhaps I'll just get started and maybe it will help me see the difference. With less than five months's time.

For now, you'll have to settle for the pictures I took right after finding out I was 19 weeks. I see what could be a bump, but I'm pretty sure it was just bloating. Don't worry, I probably won't be inundating you with bare belly pics often because I don't know how I feel about them, but if you were going to see any semblance of a bump, bare was the only option. Don't judge me ;)

Nonetheless, I have a lot more on my mind than silly pictures today, because we are driving to Mobile, Al. to see a Specialist about this crazy pregnancy. As of last week, the baby was 10oz with a strong heart beat and all of her extremities, but they need to take a closer look to ensure that everything is as it should be after 18 weeks of not knowing I was pregnant. I honestly don't really understand it all, but I know enough to be STRESSED to the max about hoping for a clean bill of health for her. I mean she's already perfect in my eyes no matter what, but I don't want to find out anything that could complicate the pregnancy or hinder her growth. It's pretty nerve-wracking, but I know I'll feel better once this appointment is over and lab/test results are all done. Boy, this baby growing responsibility is harder than one might think.

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Friday, February 6, 2015

As If I Could Be Anymore Proud...

Well, I'm glad that y'all are just as excited about this new adventure as I am. Technically, I just got promoted from SAHW to SAHM, so I'm gonna get a pay raise, right Will?

But seriously...this has been the craziest two weeks of my life. Find out we are pregnant, close on a house, blindsided with the news that we were 19 weeks pregnant, AND we had Will's Selection Ceremony. Most of you know that he is in Flight School for the Army, and up until now he has been learning to fly helicopters in general. This week, they released the class rankings and the students had the honor of choosing what they were going to fly in order of said ranking. Not to brag or anything, buuuuut...he got second out of the WHOLE class after a year of cumulative training to get his first choice aircraft!!

We are now a Blackhawk family, and we couldn't be more ecstatic. Everything has fallen into place like I couldn't believe, and now the real fun begins. PS...I totally got my truck stuck in the mud to take that picture. Do what you gotta do.

Now I just need a min or a month to process all of this. Kthxbye.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'

I can now vouch that it is possible to be pregnant and not know it.

About two weeks ago, my back started hurting. It reminded me of when I had a kidney infection, only higher up the back. After a week of sharp pains, I finally went to the doctor who told me I was probably "stopped up" if you know what I'm sayin'. Luckily, my friend Natalie is a nurse and she told me to demand a blood or urine test to check for infection, and thank goodness she did or I still wouldn't know I was pregnant.

Other than the chest growth, I've had ZERO symptoms, and when you practice multiple forms of birth control, pregnancy is not something you would even consider. The OB even asked Will if he had noticed anything, and he couldn't think of a single thing. That coupled with the fact that I'm not showing, you probably won't believe that I'm NINETEEN WEEKS pregnant. I'm not just expecting...I'm halfway flippin' through the whole pregnancy! Crazy right?

For the past week, people have asked me if I'm happy and/or excited, and up until yesterday, the only response I could come up with was that I was in shock. You all know babies were not anywhere near our radar, so it's no surprise that this came as a surprise. It's been really fun telling the family, our close friends, and a few bloggy friends, but after the excitement of giving the news, I was sad because I didn't feel pregnant at the end of the day. However, our first OB appointment started to turn that around. Seeing a FULLY formed 10oz nugget in there made it more real, and now that I know the sex it's even more fun to start seeing the future and talking baby names. In case you are wondering...IT'S A GIRL!!

You can all now say I told you so...I know you've been waiting ;)

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Not 'Military' Enough

I've always been interested in Freelance Writing even before I began blogging, and I even had a poem published when I was in middle school. Since I started blogging I realized how easy it is to write on the interwebs, and I've been blessed to branch out with my writing. I pursue free and paid writing based on what I have a passion for, and in spite of getting less jobs than I apply for, I truck on because I know that a 'no' isn't always a bad thing. However, a few months ago I applied to write for a Military blog/website that shall remain nameless, and I was quite surprised when they told me that my blog wasn't 'Military focused enough' for their liking. Um...Essssqueeeeze me? I feel like I overdo it talking about military life AND I was offering my services for their site. Not mine.

I'm pretty sure they didn't even visit my blog, because you all know my world revolves around Will and therefore the military, but even if they did they could have at least asked for a writing sample or given me a chance. I was offering to write for FREE for gosh sakes. I've been turned down countless times, but when it's by other military spouses telling me that I'm not 'military enough', it's pretty hurtful. They claim to be an amazing site for military families to provide support, but they don't practice what they preach.

Maybe I let it bother me too much, but when Lauren and Jo mentioned that we should all speak out against spouse shaming, this was the first thing that came to mind. It's just an example of how some spouses have this hierarchy that they judge all MilSpouses by and it bothers me. We should all be supporting each other instead of comparing rank, claiming one branch is better than another, judging others for not having kids (and vice versa), labeling anyone a dependapotomous, or telling someone that they aren't 'military enough'.

I dedicate this to ALL the wonderful military spouses I know. I try to answer all military related questions and probably offer up more advice than I should, but I want to make sure that I can share my knowledge and love in the way that I've been shown. However, I would also like to thank all of you reading because your kind words and support help me more than you know. This life isn't easy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


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