Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Edelweiss, Edelweiss...

Remember this restaurant I mentioned?
Get ready for the recap!

{Good evening!}

I've probably never mentioned it, but I am German on my mother's side.  I don't make a big deal about it, but my grandmother says that there's no denying it, since she calls me a "buxom blonde".  I can't say that I dislike that idea, so I don't argue ;)

Anywhoo, I LOVE German food, so I was quite excited to visit Edelweiss.  Not too mention, we had a fun group, which made it all the more special.

(And our pal Buck- not pictured)

It was a night filled with good people, good beer, good food and GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

I do have to say thank goodness for smart phones...

Otherwise, we would have had no clue what we were eating!

The highlight was a two man group, that performed at each table. It is was so intimate and fun, that I had to catch a video just to show y'all.  Yep, I'm always thinking of you guys ;)

Needless to say, good times were had by all!
If you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, you better give it a try!

With all the new hullabaloo going on with Google Friend Connect, I don't know what to expect, so here's another way to follow!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Meg's Honor

I've been quite a fan of Meg, since I first began blogging. Her blog was so inspiring to me, and she keeps you coming back for more.  She's not someone who does everything "by the blog book", and yet she woos us all.  Maybe, it's that Southern charm.
Lately, she's been going through some of life's trials, so I'd really like it if you would all go show her some love, if you haven't already.
In her honor (and since it's Tuesday), it's time for Sometimes & Always!

Don't you just love the new button?

There is no theme today, so embrace my randomness ;)

Sometimes: My dog snores.
Always: He's so cute when he sleeps that I can't get mad!

Sometimes: I realize that I need a haircut...

(This was taken before my morning brushing, so don't judge)

Always: I keep putting it off, and now it's sooo long that I might just wait and donate to Locks of Love.

Sometimes: I might feel slight embarrassment at having this sign in the truck, while I learn to drive stick.

Always: It keeps people off my butt, so I may just leave it in!
At least it was my own idea and not forced upon me...

Sometimes: We fall off the bandwagon and eat out a lot.
Always: We both know that we truly enjoy eating healthy, so it won't be hard to get back on ;)
We vowed to enjoy all of our favorite foods, and even the "bad stuff" before Will deploys, and then back to yummy-healthy-goodness!

Sometimes: Will says that sites like SmartPhowned and Damn You, Autocorrect! are totally fake, and makes fun of me for amusing myself with them.
Always: I rub this in his face....

This is totally LEGIT!  

We are down to one week till deployment. 
 I only work two days out of this week, and then it's straight quality time with my lover!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

WHAT a Weekend!

Dad was due to fly out Saturday morning, so Friday was a night on the town!
Specifically, we went to an AWESOME German restaurant named Edelweiss.
(Made me want to watch Sound of Music!)

I'll share more about that night, sometime this week, but there is something more important!

I learned to ride DRIVE a motorcycle!
I have no idea what I have been thinking, but my girlfriend and I signed up for a motorcycle class.  I wasn't sure I was going to go through with it, but now that Will got me started- I just might get into this.

I didn't know it, but Will was more worried than I was.  I told him, as I was about to take the handlebars, that I wasn't sure if I could do this. Luckily, he egged me on and the next thing I knew- I was fully in control! I did have to remind him to take his hands off the clutch and brake, but once he did, everything went really smooth.  I can officially say that I mastered first gear.
That's pretty Bad A**.

I'm not sayin' that I will ever have my own bike or rely solely on a bike, but I am saying that it's growing on me.  I think it might be the enticingly low fuel cost that goes along with them, but that's neither here nor there.
For now, I really enjoy wrapping my arms around Will and riding off into the sunset...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebration of Love ;)


           A few weeks ago, Will and I celebrated our anniversary a bit early.  Our actual anniversary isn't until April 24th, but he will be in good ol' Afghanistan.  Instead of missing out on this year's celebration, we decided to celebrate something else- the date we officially began "dating" and our engagement, which both fall on February 12th.
         Will volunteered to plan it, and even though he forgot the first time he volunteered- which I found out when he asked me two days later what we were planning- he really came through.  He planned the perfect evening, including surprise dinner reservations, a moonlit walk downtown, a fancy steakhouse AND chocolate fondue by the fire.  Now tell me that doesn't sound perfect.

It wasn't anything like our first anniversary, but it was just as special...

(Like the "almost"?)

He knows the way to my heart is chocolate...

Here is the one picture I took of my hair:
{Wish I had taken more because I was all dolled up for the hubs.}

Last night, Will rolled over and started to say "Have I told you...", which as a ritual, is usually followed by "how beautiful you are" or maybe even "you have great tits", but tonight- it was followed by "that we are constantly touching, even while we sleep".  I realized that even though he was watching tv and I was playing online, that our feet were intertwined as they always are....
Then I cried because I realize we only have 12 more days of this.

I am only thankful, that I have someone to love this much.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

OK, so maaaybe we celebrated Mardi Gras on Monday instead of Tuesday, but where I'm from that's normal.  As a matter of fact, we celebrate for a whole month! Between trading King Cakes, parties, masquerades and parades- February is full of fun.

In honor of Mardi Gras, we decided to go to a restaurant called Nawlins BarBQ and Seafood.

And it didn't disappoint! 

The atmosphere was great.
The food reminded me of home.
 The hot sauce was a'flowin'!
We had Gumbo to start.
 The boys shared some crazy Double-decker Cajun Burger that had pulled pork, sausage and gator on it. 
I had the Cajun Gator Bites!

I LOVE Gator tail...
Don't knock it till you try it.

I even sported the colors-  purple, green and gold- and had the PERFECT shoes for the occasion!
Apparently, they are the perfect shoes for many occasions, because I just found similar ones in a magazine for $95!  Gotta love thrifting ;)

I'm even thinking about switching the laces, because I like the clean-white.

13 Days left <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We finally got an official date for Will's departure.

March 6th.

Nine months from March 6th is December 6th.

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Fourteen days left y'all...We're gonna make the most of them <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weiser Check-In

In case you are new around here, this is our wonderful adopted child!
We adopted Weiser last year, and he completes our little family.  

Like father, like son- I say...
They both love mommy's attention ;)

In all seriousness, since we don't have children- he really is spoiled rotten well taken care of.

Not only does he have a bed upstairs and downstairs, he now has new beds stacked upon old beds! 
We did it as a joke, but then he wouldn't move. He's a smart bugger, I tell ya. 

Not the best video ever, but I had fun trying out the Youtube editor...I decided I like  Windows Media better.  I could have also made it shorter, but I just couldn't leave out those eyes at the end.
So presh!

And in case you didn't know, our little man is a celebrity! Well, at least in the Weimaraner rescue world ;)
Mile High Weimaraner Rescue featured our mutt's success story.  Go check it out, and see how wonderful pet adoption is.  

Today, we are going to the Zoo.  That's gonna make for an extra special Tuesday :)  
Make sure you have a good day too...You deserve it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Key To Comedy Is Surprise...

I was just as surprised as you when our friend Buck dropped this by, tonight.  He just got back from Texas, and this is what he brought back for me....I agreed that it is very appropriate, since I'm always the DD, but I was quite perplexed as to why they would dedicate a shot glass to the person who isn't supposed to be drinking....Shall I fill it with water and call it Patron, like I used to do when people would bug me to drink? 

Peer pressure...yeesh.

I also wasn't completely sure he wasn't calling me a dog.  I WISH that I would not have said that out loud, because now the boys are going to run with that one. 
I'm in trouble.

So far this weekend has been AWESOME!
Here are a few teaser pics:


We now have two days left of our extended weekend, so I am a happy girl!
Tomorrow, ^ Weiser ^ will be featured, since he hasn't felt enough blog love.  
Y'all are going to LOVE it!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We've got a visitor!

My father-in-law is on his way right now!

Everything is all ready for his arrival and we have the next four days off to spend with him!  He will be here through next Saturday, so the boys will play the rest of the week.  We are so happy to have some family in town...The last guests we had were back when Daddy and Marc came to visit.

Not only do we LOVE playing tourists here in Colorado, we LOVE the visitors that let us play tour guide!

Don't y'all want to come visit? I promise to take good care of you <3
Happy weekend, lovelies!


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