Saturday, July 30, 2011

Current Events Turned Positive

This post started out of exasperation at the state of things and the ignorance of people, and through research, turned into something completely different.  I was feelin' very "Negative Nancy"-ish, which turned into "WTH?" with some of the random/unbelievable headlines I came across, until I finally stumbled upon a website called The Good News Network.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be a new go-to for inspiring news.  It obviously doesn't give you all the news, but what it does provide is priceless, knowledgeable and awe-inspiring.

I had been very down-trodden with all the news of a Norwegian bombing his own country, Mega-chain bookstores closing due to the decreasing interest in real books, China buying up our country under our noses, young Vets back from war that can't find jobs, the Debt-Ceiling and programs such as NASA being shut down.  Of course, it got worse before it got better, but when I began seeing headlines such as "Sarah Palin's Views on Abstinence Leads to Second Grandchild", "China:  Fake Apple Store Even Fools Staff",  "Australians Shouldn't Be Allowed to Name Their Children" and "Angry Birds Plot Global Domination"- my spirits began to pick up. 
From there, I stumbled upon The Good News Network, and immediately- I was entranced.  After seeing the following picture and headline, you would be too!

Camera-Stealing Monkey Makes Beautiful Self-Portraits

And they just kept getting better:

"People Who Look On The Brightside Will Age Best"
"Danish Mystery Donor Leaves $200,000 in Red Cross Bin"
"Team Behind Virgin Galactic Unveils A Flying Hybrid Car"
"Alabama Cuts Medicaid Costs By $30 Million By Examining Receipts"
"National Blood Donor Week Honors A Man Whose Blood Has Saved Over 900 Lives"
"Cancer Survivors To Get Better Insurance Rates"
"Condors Return To Big Surr After 100-Year Absence"
"Coke Vending Machines Collect Donations In Japan For Red Cross"
"19 Chain Restaurants Join To Offer Healthier Kids Food"
"MIT Reasearchers Advance Cheaply Printed Solar Cells On Paper, Fabric And Plastic"
"FedEx Adds more than 4,000 New, Fuel Efficient Vehicles"
"Chinese Woman Catches Toddler Who Fell Ten Stories"
"He Won $3.4 Million- Then Went Back To Work As A Janitor"
Google has truly gone green-they even have a heard of goats mowing their lawn "What's good for business can also be good for the environment"

Perhaps my favorite:

Remarkable Beauty in Grains of Sand Seen in Photographs

This was the most inspring to me, because when we look at sand,other aspects of nature and even people, we don't truly look deeply to see what something/someone is truly made of.  A few miniscule grains of sand become beautiful, radiant crystals-far beyond simple grains, if you just put the time and effort into looking closer.  Just as the news seemed negative and depressing, until I researched a little further and stumbled upon some inspiration <3

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